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How to get the right tools to participate in the UI5 / REDUX stuff ?


I started Devtoberfest from scratch without any tools and I was lucky yesterday, that the ABAP theme included a tutorial Get Your Eclipse ADT installed so with that I was able to create a usefull BTP trial environment and install Eclipse etc.

Today I'm not so lucky. I already had a lot of info about tools like Redux, Redux toolkit, React, React-Dom, Node.js and so on, but I have no real overview what tools are needed and how I can get/install it.

Are there somewhere recommended "getting started for dummies" tutorials for an ABAP programmer who would like to learn just a little about front-end programming? 


Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate

There are some tutorials to help you get started. And even better they count towards the Devtoberfest contest as well.  Begin with this tutorial:
Get Started with UI5 Web Components for React | Tutorials for SAP Developers

Then there are:
Create a Card Component
Integrate Charts and Conditional Rendering
Create an Analytical Dashboard via UI5 Web Components for React
Add Routing to a UI5 Web Components for React Project
Add Custom Styles and Components for UI5 Web Components for React

The complete list of tutorials for the contest (which also match up to the educational sessions) is available here:
Devtoberfest 2022 Contest Activities and Points - SAP Community Groups

> I have no real overview what tools are needed and how I can get/install it.
You'll see that the beginner tutorial recommends Visual Studio Code (although most any editor would work).  I'm also recommend the same. VSCode is a handy tool that you will want for several other scenarios if you are planning to work through all the Devtoberfest content.
Setting up Visual Studio Code

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Thanks for sharing, Thomas. This is extremely helpful information.

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Thanks @thomas_jung for this, but I'm afraid I don't get it. You suggest to start with Get Started with UI5 Web Components for React | Tutorials for SAP Developers but I don't think that is a beginners tutorial - or at least it is based on some implied knowledge that I don't have.
The first line in the tutorial is "Navigate to a folder where you want to create your Web App and open a terminal there.", but I don't see any clues to what the starting point is. Are we in Eclipse, Visual Studio Code, Node.js, DOS Command Prompt, ...

Ok - forget my previous reply - in the reply I entered "DOS Command Promt" as a joke, but see here what it got me - I feel set back to assembler programming on DOS in the 80'ties:


C:\Users\tmn\UI5 React>cd my-app

C:\Users\tmn\UI5 React\my-app>dir
Volume in drive C is Local Disk
Volume Serial Number is 60F3-7B8C

Directory of C:\Users\tmn\UI5 React\my-app

05-10-2022 10:32 <DIR> .
05-10-2022 10:32 <DIR> ..
05-10-2022 10:32 310 .gitignore
05-10-2022 10:33 <DIR> node_modules
05-10-2022 10:33 1.223.111 package-lock.json
05-10-2022 10:33 1.145 package.json
05-10-2022 10:32 <DIR> public
05-10-2022 10:32 3.359
05-10-2022 10:32 <DIR> src
4 File(s) 1.227.925 bytes
5 Dir(s) 37.590.634.496 bytes free

You did correctly.  DOS Command works fine.  Or any other terminal. Personally I use the new Windows Terminal in PowerShell, but you should use whatever you are familiar with.