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Applying for sap free certification program


Hi my name is Baker khoder , i am a young professional hailing from Lebanon, I am deeply passionate about technology and aspire to broaden my horizons within the field of information technology.

As a current student and a web developer, I recognize the transformative power of SAP certification. It would not only enhance my proficiency in web development but also open doors to new career opportunities such as data analysis,e system administration, and application development.

Living in Lebanon, I am faced with the challenges of an economic crisis that severely limits access to quality education and career advancement opportunities. The financial constraints in my country have made pursuing SAP certification a distant dream. This free certification opportunity presents a lifeline for me to achieve my career aspirations and overcome the hurdles posed by economic adversity.

Moreover, I belong to a community of individuals who are striving to excel despite challenging circumstances. As a young professional looking to diversify my skill set, I fall within the category of individuals seeking to switch careers mid-life. In Lebanon, where economic disparities are prevalent, this opportunity holds immense significance not only for my personal growth but also for contributing to the development of my community.

I firmly believe that SAP certification is the gateway to a brighter future for me, allowing me to thrive in an increasingly competitive job market. With the skills and knowledge acquired through this program, I can not only improve my own prospects but also make a positive impact in my local IT industry.

I sincerely request your consideration for inclusion in the free SAP certification program, as it would be a life-changing opportunity for me and many others in similar circumstances. I am committed to dedicating myself wholeheartedly to this program and using the knowledge gained to give back to my community.


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Product and Topic Expert
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Hi @Baker ,

Thanks for sharing your story. Invite sent!

Can you comment on the career prospects in Lebanon at the moment?