FAQ - SAP Universal ID for SAP Community

These are frequently asked questions that can help clarify how SAP Community will support SAP Universal ID

What is SAP Universal ID?

SAP Universal ID will allow users to logon to SAP systems using one account, linking all existing SAP legacy accounts (S-/P-users).

What are the benefits of SAP Universal ID for SAP Community members?

SAP Universal ID will significantly simplify the login experience and provide a single, life-long access point to SAP portals. 

With SAP Universal ID, SAP Community members can take control of their own personal SAP identity, use one universal link to all their existing accounts, and maintain one account, even if they change roles or employers.

What is SAP Community’s vision to support SAP Universal ID?

SAP Community will take a phased approach to support SAP Universal ID, with an initial goal of consolidating member content. 

The first phase begins on May 3, 2021, when SAP Community enables an SAP Universal ID login option (also known as Conditional Universal ID). 

The Conditional Universal ID login will allow community users to generate an SAP Universal ID account and link other accounts to it. In this phase, members may opt to use an S/P-user ID(s) or their SAP Universal ID credentials to log in. The rest of the community experience will remain the same. 

In preparation for the second phase, SAP Community will provide a tool that enables members to consolidate content associated with their various accounts to their SAP Universal ID. When a user runs the tool, all blog posts, questions, comments, and reputation elements will be associated with the member's SAP Universal ID. More information about this tool will be provided later in 2021.

In the second phase, SAP Community will support the SAP Universal ID native integration, where the authentication relies only on the SAP Universal ID credentials. SAP Community will move to the second phase when most of our members have created their SAP Universal ID. 

Why does the SAP Community login screen look different?

In the first phase, the SAP Community logon screen has changed slightly: SAP Community members are asked to enter either their E-Mail or ID on the first screen and the password on a separate, second screen.

  • SAP Community members who have already created an SAP Universal ID, need to use their SAP Universal ID credentials to log in to SAP Community. These members might be prompted to select one of their account during the login process.
  • SAP Community members who have not yet created their SAP Universal ID continue to log in to the community as usual.