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Greetings Gurus... Am attempting to write an SQL Query to require approval for a Service Type Purchase Request which is higher than $250 in the "Total Before Discount" field. This is on version 10.0 PL02 HANA. It is as follows: SELECT DISTINCT ...
FORMATTED SEARCHES ARE GREAT, BUT THEY CAN BE TROUBLE ALSO. Formatted Searches (FMS) are another fine tool you can use in SAP B1.  You can read up on Formatted Searches with some SAP B1 documentation, or maybe you can buy Gordon Du's book titled "Ma...
Am currently working with an individual, hoping to help her improve her SQL skills. She has a great start, but we are going to get her up to the next level, and one way is going to be the usage of CASE in her new SQL. USING CASE IN SAP B1 CAN HELP E...
Mentioned the Relationship Map in the last blog.  If you want to review some information on the usage for the data fields of LineNum versus VisOrder, have a look here:
LineNum or VisOrder – Which One to Use??? I was once very active in the SAP B1 Forum doing quite a few things:  answering questions, writing blogs, and developing a Wiki.  I really enjoyed sharing what little bit of knowledge I had, thanks to Marily...