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Dear all, A question which I need to raise in order to just clear up my ideas, since I am already achieving what I need using the powerful LOOP AT ... GROUP BY. I have the following code: LOOP AT internal_table INTO DATA(record) ...
Dear fellow ABAPers, I am stuck in trying to find any way to programmatically install/remove equipment and/or material from/to an installed base in ECC. I read each and every post here, but nobody seems to have a clue on how to do it in ECC: most...
Hello everybody, To understand better how the SQL in ADT Eclipse works I wanted to set a breakpoint and debug it. So I caused it dump with the following code (alert: do not run this on productive systems if you want to avoid dumps): select * fr...
Dear all, Do you know if S/4 does still have standard code not using fixed point arithmetic? In R/3 when I check, just as an example, RIFLET20, here are the attributes: Thank you in advnace and have a good day! Kind regards, Alberto
Hello everybody, I am currently trying to compare two different ABAP classes using SAP HANA Studio, but I don't manage to do it. When I select the two files in the Project Explorer and I right click, then select "Compare with...", I don't get the...