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Hello experts !! We are checking the new version of @sap/cds@7.0.2 and we found an issue: S4.PurchaseOrders it's a view to fetch data through SDA HANA Cloud entity PurchaseOrders as projection on s4.PurchaseOrders{ *, virtual null as Errors:re...
Hello experts  We wanted to track when some fields change (from a custom table) in our SAP HANA Cloud database, is there any standard way of doing it? or at least some best practices about it? Best regards, Sara.
Hi experts I bound my CAP app to SAP Logging Service to see the logs and metrics on Kibana Dashboard, it seems it's working but I changed my package.json by adding this to link remote_user to, but it seems it's now working, on CAP docum...
Hi experts!! I'm trying to save several entries in my external service, but it isn't work. When i execute INSERT sentence for one register it works and it's saved in the database: await, [{Werks: 'tes2', Stand...
Hi experts ! I'm trying to do this query to an external service (on database this service has 4500 records): let updateLocation = await; But in updateLocation I only have 1000 rows and not 4500. I tried to d...