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Hey Folks, it's Navya again!Well, as a fellow SAP enthusiast, I know how thrilling it is to dive into the world of SAP learning about the different SAP technologies, collaborating and networking with people and much more.  Sindhu Gangadharan, SVP & M...
Hey Folks, it's Navya again! As the year draws to a close, it's time for introspection, especially regarding my dynamic journey through the corporate landscape. Among the noteworthy weeks that defined my experience, the TechEd Week stands out promin...
Introduction: Hey Folks! Iā€™m Navya and here I am with my first blogpost! In the era of data-driven decision-making, seamless integration and real-time access to data from diverse sources are paramount for organizations seeking competitive advantage....
Hey Folks, I'm Navya and I'm here to share my experiences on attending my first ever Conference! Nullcon, one of the most prestigious cybersecurity conferences in the world provides an extensive platform for the exchange of information and an impecc...