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Learning path for SAP BTP for an ABAP developer

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Dear All,

I am an ABAP developer. In my current organization, we are not yet on S4 HANA. It is planned in next 3-4 years. Currently we are on SAP NETWEAVER 7.5 and systems are on premise.

We have SAP BTP with Cloud foundry. We are also using Business application studio to develop Fiori Apps.

I want to learn SAP BTP.  Could you please suggest which of the learning path to take considering my current organization setup.

SAP BTP, Cloud Foundry runtime and environment 

Thanks in advance.




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Accepted Solutions (1)

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hi @ManojYadav 
Please check if the following  SAP Learning Journeys might fit  to your inquiry 

  • Discover SAP Business Technology Platform 
    This learning journey provides you with an introduction to SAP Business Technology Platform and the Intelligent Enterprise strategy
    After completing this learning journey, developers, consultants, and administrators will have acquired foundational knowledge of SAP Business Technology Platform. You will discover the options to integrate and extend applications using intelligent technologies as well as incorporate analytics, database administration, and data management. You will also gain an insight into security aspects and sustainability management.

  • Build side-by-side extensions on SAP BTP 
    This learning journey will guide you through the process of building a side-by-side extension using the SAP Cloud Application Programming Model (Node.js) alongside different development tools and services on the SAP Business Technology Platform.
    After completing this learning journey, you will be able to create a Node.js-based extension from scratch with the SAP Cloud Application Programming Model. In the context of this course, you will also enrich the application with an SAP Fiori elements user interface, custom code, an external service and security features. You will be able to deploy your application manually and automatically using a continuous integration and delivery pipeline.
    You will gain an overview of key features, tools and services of the SAP BTP and you will be able to make use of these in future extension projects on the SAP Business Technology Platform.

  • Utilize SAP Build for Low-Code/No-Code Applications and Automations for Citizen Developers 
    This learning journey will introduce the basic concepts of low-code/no-code software development and how to build applications and automations without writing any code.
    After completing this learning journey, business users will understand the need for and role of a citizen developer and how to develop simple low-code/no-code applications and business process automations using the SAP Build toolset. While practicing visual programming, you will leverage SAP Build Process Automation to create a workflow with robotic process automation, use SAP Build apps to develop a mobile app and an SAP extension, and discover how to construct business sites using SAP Build Work Zone. You will learn how to prepare for the SAP Certification for citizen developers and explore resources for low-code/no-code scenarios.
  • Developing with SAP Integration Suite 
    This learning journey is designed for integration designers and developers with responsibilities for building integration from and to cloud applications.
    After completing this learning journey, you’ll be able to create an API and use the required tools, processes, and operations. You’ll be able to work with iFlows, use the Integration Advisor, and extend models.

  • Get Started with ABAP Programming on SAP BTP 
    This learning journey will introduce you to the basics of ABAP programming on SAP Business Technology Platform. After completing this learning journey, developers will have gained an overview of the basic properties of the ABAP programming language. You will discover how to apply some of the fundamental programming techniques on SAP BTP, ABAP environment, and will be able to develop a simple, end-to-end RESTful ABAP app.

  • Learn the ABCs of ABAP Programming on SAP BTP 
    This learning journey will provide beginners with the basic ABAP programming knowledge to develop in on-premise and cloud system environments.
    After completing this learning journey, developers will be able to:
    • Create an ABAP Cloud project in ADT.
    • Implement conditional logic in a program to execute actions provided certain conditions are met.
    • Work with data types and variables to write basic ABAP code.
    • Analyze runtime errors and implement error handling to diagnose performance problems.
    • Retrieve data from the database and use it in a program.

Kind regards



Dear Margit, Thank you so much for guidance.

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