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Resolved! When does table DFKKZS get populated

Hi Experts,In FICA, the table DFKKZP gets populated when a payment document gets posted. When does the table DFKKZS gets populated? If a document in a payment lot has gone to clarification, does the table DFKKZS gets populated?Thanks in advance,Anwes...

Resolved! DM - Meter Roll over/ overflow

Hi experts, Has anyone implemented a logic to deal with situations where the actual read. at the time of meter-exchange, is lower than the last actual read, due to meter roll over? I am looking for a logic to get around this situation as ISU_ASSESS w...

Resolved! Archiving inactive installations

Hi Experts,Wanted to know if it is possible to archive inactive installations (EANL & EANLH).I have checked Archiving settings, there is Archiving object ISU_EANL exist in AOBJ. But there is no further customizing settings in SPRO (line info structur...