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Welcome to the SAP Oil and Gas Expert Page. This Page has been specifically designed to update you about new technologies and projects within the SAP Oil and Gas domain, connect you with the SAP Oil and Gas community, support your interaction with oil and gas experts, get to know your knowledge and experience, understand your questions and concerns, and let you learn from other oil and gas stakeholders. The articles and news have been collected from multiple sources to provide you with the most current and reliable information. We are happy to see you here on SAP Oil and Gas Expert Page, and hope you find value with it.

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International SAP Conference for Oil and Gas Join us at International SAP Conference for Oil and Gas in Basel, Switzerland from 1-3 April, 2020

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Machine Learning Making it Possible for the Intelligent Enterprise to Function on the Edge Craig Kindleman from SAP showcases the opportunities of machine learning at SAPPHIRE NOW. Craig explains how operators can transform data from operational assets into actionable insights.

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Intelligent Enterprise

SAP Leonardo brings the power of intelligent technology to your platform and applications to streamline existing workloads, reveal optimal decisions, maximize revenue and profits, improve customer satisfaction, and capitalize on digitally transformed business models.

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