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SAP CodeJams Dortmund and other locations

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Hello CodeJam team,

we currently have a CodeJam scheduled for Service Integration with CAP on the 8th of September at one of our offices, in Dortmund, Germany. I think the previous one we hosted was back in 2018. We think about doing these more regularly, maybe 2 or 3 times a year. Is that an option covered by the concept?

Looking at the available topics the ABAP Cloud & RAP CodeJam seems like a perfect addition to me, maybe in November or December?

Looking forward to get in touch!

Best regards


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It's a very nice event. I'm also curious about the answer.

Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate

If you are willing to host multiple events, please make a request. I’ll record it and we can discuss logistics. That said we have limits to our expert availability and budget. And we want to be fair and try and accommodate as many different location and groups of people as possible. 

Doing multiple events at a single location over time is possible, but we need to include it in the overall planning and a 2nd or 3rd event at the same location will be a bit lower priority than requests from other locations that haven’t had a CodeJam in a while (or ever).