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SAP CodeJam Request (Zagreb, Croatia)

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Hello all,
We would like to host the first-ever SAP BTP CodeJam in Zagreb, Croatia!
The goal of this CodeJam Event will be to explore the new SAP Integration Suite capabilities - Edge Integration Cell.
We would like to host the event in November 2023.
Lecture materials and more information will be provided soon.
The topic and location were discussed with Udo Paltzer.
Best regards,
Stjepan Milicic (

Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate
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We do not offer a CodeJam on this topic - "SAP Integration Suite capabilities - Edge Integration Cell". We do, however, have a CodeJam on Integration Suite in general. - 

Connecting Systems and Services Using SAP Integration Suite

See the list of CodeJam topics here:

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Is this Topic I suggested actually the one you want?