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SAP Codejam Request @Covestro (Leverkusen, Germany)

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Dear Team,

We would like to host CodeJam Session at covestro's headquarters in Leverkusen, Germany. 

Location - Leverkusen

Requested Topics:

We are currently moving to S/4 HANA and would be best to have a code jam to update our knowledge to latest sap technologies like SAP BTP, SAP Build, Automation and AI related topics

Time frame if you have something in mind - some time around June/July/August 2024

  • Contact details -

Feel free to connect and we can discuss on topics and time frame. 

Looking forward to the response. 




Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate

Between the topics you listed - SAP BTP general and Build; do you have a preference?  We have different experts for those topics and the choice will impact planning.  We do not yet have a Business AI CodeJam. 

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Hi Thomas, Thanks for the prompt response, The first preference would be SAP BTP and second would be Build, may be there is already a list of topics for Code Jam, Can you please share it ? It shall help us for future 🙂

I can't commit immediately to doing a second CodeJam on a different date in the same location. I have to try to balance a set budget with many requests coming in from all over.  I can put the request in the backlog and we can if perhaps we could slot it in for the 1/2 half of the year depending upon how budgets and other events plan out.

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Hi Thomas, Thanks for the prompt response , I agree with your comment and i should have been careful before deciding the topic ( my bad 🤦‍♂). It would be helpful if it could be in backlog, probably we might be able to host it next year 😀

Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate

The list of topics are pinned at the top of this group.  But direct URL as well:

We also have an FAQ for hosting a CodeJam: So, You Want to Host a CodeJam! Everything you nee... - SAP Community

I'll pull in our BTP Cli CodeJam expert to discuss more details since that was the topic at the top of your list. 

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Hi Thomas, thanks a lot for details and links it was helpful, and apologies for delayed answer ( karnival time 🤠 ) , For BTP topic we are already in contact and checking for next steps, we were also interested to do it on topic of "ABAP Cloud & ABAP RESTful Application Programming Model" as well , can you please also indicate it to corresponding CodeJam expert for it ?