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Request to host a CodeJam in Australia

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hi CodeJam Team,

We are interested to know if we can host a CodeJam in Australia

  • Location:  Brisbane & Sydney
  • Requested Topic if you have a preference: Service integration with SAP Cloud Application Programming Model  OR ABAP Cloud & ABAP RESTful Application Programming Model
  • Time frame if you have something in mind: August
  • Contact details : @MustafaBensan @Murali_Shan 

Thank you.


Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate
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I will record your request, but I will be upfront with you that Australia is going to be very challenging to support. I'll look into what is possible, but the distance and cost to send a CodeJam expert is considerable here. Unless you as an SAP employee wanted to both host and deliver the content?