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Request for Support in Organizing a CodeJam Event - Cloud Application Programming on SAP BTP


Dear CodeJam Team,

We are thrilled to express our interest in organizing a CodeJam event focused on 'Cloud Application Programming on SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP)' as a SAP Partner. After the success of our previous CodeJam event in Kolkata, we are excited to take this opportunity to further enhance our developers' skills and knowledge in SAP Build, fostering a collaborative environment for learning and idea sharing.

We are writing to request your valuable support in making this upcoming CodeJam event a resounding success. Your expertise and guidance will undoubtedly contribute to creating an enriching experience for our participants. Additionally, we would be grateful if you could connect us with a proficient SAP expert who can lead and facilitate the CodeJam session, adding immense value to the event.

Event Details:

  • Theme: Cloud Application Programming on SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP)
  • Proposed Dates: September 2023
  • Locations: Our Hyderabad and Pune Office
  • Estimated Participants: 25 enthusiastic developers

With your assistance, we aim to offer our participants an engaging and educational experience, providing them with valuable insights into the SAP BTP ecosystem and empowering them to excel in their projects and endeavors.

Please let us know your thoughts and availability, as well as any requirements or preferences you have for the event. Your input is highly valued, and we are open to any suggestions that can help us ensure the event's success.

Thank you for considering our request and sparing your time to support us in organizing this CodeJam event. We eagerly look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with you once again, creating another exceptional learning platform for our developer community.

Should you have any questions or need further information, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We appreciate your attention to this matter and await your response.

Thank you and best regards,


Jasbir Singh

Associate Partner , SAP EA

IBM India