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Product and Topic Expert
You’d probably agree that even in a perfectly organized service process, things can go wrong. A service order may be assigned to the wrong service team, or the master data may be incorrect. Such errors can prevent the service order from being processedThe goonews is that the Manage Service Orders app has a filter to quickly find such service orders. However, this filter only finds the service orders, but not the related service confirmations with errors. 

So, what’s the solution?

Service Order Issues App

To easily find all service orders with incorrect service confirmations, you can use the Service Order Issues app that you can access with the Customer Service Manager role

The app is based on the SAP Smart Business framework and can be used to analyze data step by step from different perspectives. You can drill down to find the root cause and take action on issues delaying service orders or confirmations. 

Service Orders with Confirmation Issues

When you start the app, you see a bar chart showing service orders by type of issue. Service orders with issues in service confirmations appear under the issue type Confirmation Issue (C001).  

From this bar, you can drill down into data using various dimensions. For example, you might want to analyze all incorrect service confirmations from a specific sales organization, sales office, and sales group. Or you could identify all countries and regions that have the most hold-ups and address them with high priority. 

You can also simply list all service orders whose confirmations have issues. You can sort these transactions as required (for example, by total number of issues or by order value) and navigate directly to the affected service orders to resolve the issues. To do this, you just need to select a service order in the list report and choose the Open In... option to go to the Manage Service Orders app. 

By the way, you can also save this (or any other) view as a tile on the SAP Fiori launchpad home page and use it as a quick link to access this report whenever need be. 


Confirmationwith Errors

To perform a more granular analysis of the service confirmation issues and find confirmations with errors, you can use mini tiles. Choose Show Mini Tiles above the chart and table view to display the mini tiles. The mini tiles show KPIs and the related micro chartsChoose a corresponding mini tile to drill down into the confirmation issues. 

Service confirmations with errors are aggregated under the subtype Confirmations Contain Errors (C002). 

For a list of all service orders whose confirmations have errors, choose the corresponding chart bar. The resulting list report lets you navigate to the respective transactions in the Manage Service Orders app and correct the errors. 

Besides confirmations with errors, you can also see at a glance how many service orders have canceled confirmations, how many orders don’t have a final confirmation yet, and how many billing-relevant confirmations haven’t been billed or have a data transfer issue. 

Which Other Service Issues Can I Track?

Apart from confirmation issues, you use this app to find service orders with various other issues. For example, you can find transactions that haven’t been billed yethave been rejectedhave SLA issues, have data transfer issues, or haven’t been completed. 

By the way, service orders and confirmations are not the only transactions you can monitor. If you are overseeing service contracts, for example, you might be interested in monitoring service contract issues in real time. These include various billing blocks (such as incomplete pricing or errors in credit/debit memos) or service contracts that have been rejected or have errors. However, for service contract issues, there’s a separate app – Service Contract Issues. But that’s another story… 

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