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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
SCN is a great place to share knowledge and learn from experts.  I'm recently going through the blogs/documents posted on SCN.  I see so many useful documents which I benefited a lot.  Sometimes I even feel regrets that it would have saved a lot of time to troubleshoot a problem if I had read the document sooner.  These documents are definitely worth your time. It's really a pity to see them buried in the document sea.  So I'm keeping a track of the documents I read in this blog and will keep it updated if I see anything new and useful.

If you want to learn about QM, check out the following blog:

Useful QM documents on SCN

If you want to learn about MM-PUR, check out the following wiki page:

Index for the useful SCN Blogs and Documents in MM-PUR area

PS: Documents marked with a happy face are written by me. :smile:

PP concepts:

MTS, MTO, ATO, CTO, ETO… Strategies to connect Sales with Production

How I can keep my SAP system healthy? (Part-1 PP)

Capacity Planning! Or Scheduling? ::: Leveling? Maybe Sequencing?

Discrete Manufacturing in SAP versus Repetitive

Lean Manufacturing with SAP-ERP

introducing flow on your production line

Career Path of SAP ERP Professional

RICEFW's in SAP projects and role of functional consultant

PP Basics:

ERP Manufactuing - PP space in the new SCN

Useful books for studying Production Planning

A summary of SAP standard key tables by Production Planning(PP) subfunctions.

Useful Customization Transactions for SAP Production Planning (PP) Module

Useful Customization Transactions for SAP PP-PI Module


SAP Standard PP Reports

SAP Manufacturing- Background Jobs and Associated Programs

Often used PP reports in SAP Notes                                           :smile:

Landing page for new users in SAP PP - ERP Manufacturing - Production Planning

How to find SAP tables related to a functional area (Sub Module)

100 Most important SAP PP Interview Questions.

MRP on S/4 HANA:

MRP: Simplification on S/4 HANA

MRP on S/4 HANA at SAP Inside Tracks São Leopoldo 2016

MRP on S/4 HANA - Planning File Entries Customizing Path is missing

S4 HANA migration – Manufacturing Simplification List

MRP on SAP S/4 HANA: Insight to Action

5 reasons to use subcontracting MRP areas in S/4HANA.

MRP Exception Messages – S/4HANA

S/4HANA: New report to create production versions with routing during the migration

S/4 HANA: New consumption mode for Planned Independent Requirements

Industry solution functionalities available in standard S/4 HANA

Production Planning & Detailed Scheduling as a part of S/4HANA 1610 – What’s new ?

MRP related:

MRP on HANA: What's new?

Is your system prepared to take advantage of MRP on HANA?

Planning interchangeable materials in MRP Live


Make To Stock Planning

Demand-Driven MRP - Part I: Introduction

Demand-Driven MRP – Part V: Buffer Adjustments

Demand-Driven MRP – Part VI: Planning

SAP MRP - Materials Requirements Planning

MRP: Frequently Asked Questions

MRP and Availability Check - FAQ's

Why should I use transaction MD05 to analyze the MRP results?

Analyze and improve MRP performance                                       :smile:

MRP performance analyzer

Performance improvement in MRP: Excluding deleted materials from the planning run

Gaining performance in Requirements Planning

MRP and LTP: Useful reports

Explore hidden functions in MD04                                                                            :smile:

Icons for frequently used transactions in MD04

Material Grouping and Cross-Plant View in the Stock/Requirement List(T-code MD04)

MRP execution parameters

MRP: Processing Keys Explained

MRP: Create Purchase Requisitions

MRP: Schedule Lines

MRP: User exit key & User exit parameter

MRP: Scope of Planning

MRP: Planning Mode - why choose re-explode BOM and Routing?

MRP: Why shouldn’t I use planning mode 3 on a productive system?

MRP Exception Messages list - introductory information

How to set the optimal number of sessions for MRP parallel processing

MRP: Planning regularly a specific material

Multi Plant Planning - Part 1 (Production in Alternate Plant)

Multi Plant Planning - Part 2 (Using Quota Arrangements)

Storage Location MRP

Basics of MRP Area

MRP Types P1 to P4

The Importance of FIRMING type as an Important Control Parameter in Planning Result

Forecast Based Planning - Yearly Consumption and Single PR for Forecasted Values

Time-Phased Planning in SAP

Long term planning execution - step by step

Subcontracting requirements are not considered in long-term planning

Assembly to Order Process

Concept of Discontinuation Data - Material Master and BOM

BOM selection logic in MRP

Basics of using discontinuation data

How Planning Calendar Works

Calculating the Dates: Planning Calendar

Planning Calendar Calculation Rule detail information

Coverage Profile

Dynamic Safety stock calculation with help of the Coverage profile

Assembly processing in another plant in ECC
Plant wise number ranges for MRP PRs

CBP - Manual Reorder Point Planning

What can I check if MRP does not plan a material?

Reasons of material requirement is not considered in MRP run
Item category is not filled for a planning element created by MRP

Alternative BOM Selection: A Workaround

Open a customizing transaction for changes on the productive system

MRP Exception Messages list - introductory information

Periodic Schedule of  ATP Jobs after MRP job

MRP Stock days’ Supply and Receipt Days’ Supply

Safety Time in Planning – The Time Float

Dynamic Safety Stock – The Quantity Float

Safety Stock Calculation

Safety Stock and its Availability for Planning Purposes

MRP and Safety Stock in SAP PP

Purpose and Usage of Splitting Indicator in Planning

Functionality of Quota Arrangement in Production

Production version-Alternate BOM selection-Quota arrangement

Planning file entry concept in MRP

Planning File Entry

Mass Creation of Planning File Entries

Individual or collective requirements for components?

Rescheduling check on MRP

Full Confirmation Logic for Planned Order

Periodic Schedule of  ATP Jobs after MRP job

Indicator 'Create Purchase Requisitions' is not considered by MRP

MRP: Vendor is not selected and general problems on source determination

Frequent issues on MD04

MD04: Problems with sales orders

MRP: Stock transfer reservations and deliveries

Problems related to MRP created schedule lines                                            :smile:

Problems with BOM explosion on MRP (exception message 52, exception message 53, performance...)

Configurable planned order for material variants: Exception "53: No BOM explosion due to missing con...

Selection of the Alternate BOM of a Phantom Item

CO41: Changes introduced by note 1901579

Issues related to MRP on HANA

Forward scheduling on MRP

Optimum lot size "WI"  - Least unit cost procedure

Lot sizing procedure for Make-to-Order

Exclude Intercompany incoming demand from MRP.

Multi Plant Planning - Part 1 (Production in Alternate Plant)

Multi Plant Planning - Part 2 (Using Quota Arrangements)

PP-MRP Hot Note - "MRP does not plan any materials" and further clarifications about planning file e...

PP-MRP Hot Note - Update of table PPH_PFE_CHANGE

Errors when executing MD01N(MRP live)

When to use MRP Live (MD01N) as compared to Classic MRP(MD01)

MRP on HANA: Forcing a material to be planned with the classic logic in MD01N

PP-MP-LTP Hot Note: Materials are not planned by Long Term Planning

Production Planning in a cross plant set-up

Excluding Expired Batches from MRP Run

How to create planned orders/purchase requisitions/production orders directly when sales orders are ...

MRP  Enhancements:

BAdIs for MRP

Making an element not relevant to MRP or MD04 using BAdI MD_CHANGE_MRP_DATA

MD04 Access in Display Mode

How to create separate planned order / purchase requesition for same date

How to run MRP for a specific MRP controller

Total planning using MRP Controller

Custom Report: Stock and Requirement List by Exception Message

Planning Scenario Specific Material Master Data in LTP

MRP run for Consumption based planning

Custom Report: Stock and Requirement List by Exception Message

MRP Exception Messages via Logical Database DBM

Custom Report: MD07 Collective Access with Multiple Selections
Custom Program: Update consumption values in Consumtpion-Based Planning

Custom Program: Massive Creation of Planned Orders

PP-SFC basics

Production order database tables and their relations

Co-Product and By-product in Production order

Order Split without Product Cost Collector and By-Product

Concept of Alternative Item group functionality in BOM

Joint Production with Process material Overview - Part 1

The backflush logic - basics

Backflush and its priority in use

Production Planning and Control with SAP ERP - SFC based

Basic customizing of creating production orders and process orders
Concept of Alternative Sequence of Operation and how it can be used in Production Order.

Difference in "Confirmed" date in General data and Dates/Qties tab of Process order

SFC: Frequently Asked Questions

Some common exits used for production order Executions

Costing relevancy in Production/Process order

Configuration of User status profile for production Order

PP-SFC process related

Order type selection for production orders

Production/Process order creation: Order type default value on initial screen

Why components are allocated to the wrong operation when creating a order

Inprocess Inspection - Quantity Confirmation during Results Recording

Without GI confirmation and without confirmation GR is not possible


Direct Production/Collective Order - Special procurement

Understanding Production Order Variance - Part 1 Performance Evaluvation Through Standard Costs
Understanding Production Order Variance - Part 2 The SAP Perspective

Understanding Production Order Variance - Part 3 Price Difference Variance

When the batch determination should be done in production process.

Batch Assignment in Production Order – SAP AFS

The idea behind re-reading the master data (production orders)

Different Scraps and their effects in SAP PP
Change in DLV status in Production/Process order with Different Quantities

Default storage locatio selection for component

Assembly Subcontracting in Production

Subcontracting process in Production

Costing relevancy in Production/Process order

Shift Related confirmation - LOG_PP_SRN_CONF

Order Split without Product cost collector

Planned and Unplanned goods issue

COOIS/COOISPI - Production list

Allowed actual dates in future-In confirmation

Production order : status DLV and indicator "Delivery completed"          :smile:            Added on 1/8/2015

Automatic goods receipt for co-products during order confirmation

PP-SFC errors

Dump with error CO889 while creating production orders and a BOM checking tool

CO11N - Frequently Asked Questions

Common COGI Errors & Resolutions

COGI: Deletion of records

Difference in COGI and CO1P

PP-SFC Hot Note - Error RU052 The order header must be transferred for the confirmation

PP-SFC Hot Note - COHV: Order conversion with missing parts

SAP PP module standard tcode errors and remedial SAP Notes

Activities Recalculation issue in CO11N when Changes are made in Yield Quantity along with Shift.

Production Order Closure of Previous Period

Program error occurs when TECO a production order in t-cd:CO02

Customer Specific Stock Even in Make to Stock scenario.WM PP HU Interface

Milestone Confirmation of the Process Order with Multiple Operations & with Multiple Phases involved

PP-SFC enhancement:

Open a customizing transaction for changes on the productive system

Without GI confirmation and without confirmation GR is not possible
To add a custom tab page in the production order Header Screen.

Additional field in CO11N-Enhancement CONFPP07

Material Request Creation against Reservations and Issue against Request ID

Additional Customer Fields in COOIS output

Add New or Custom Fields to COOIS Output

BAdIs and Exits for production and process orders

Automatic Rework using Reason of Variance Key

Some Problems Caused by Buffer When Executing PP-SFC BAPIs

PP-PI   Production Planning for Process Industries

Production planning- Process Industry

A Beginner's Guide To PI sheets

Configuration document-PI Sheet

How to create a table in PI sheet

Create and Test a Basic Xstep in Standard Xstep Repository

Process order release control

Process Order Reconciliation - Workaround solution

COEBR: Common error trouble shooting

Active Ingredient Management in Process Industries

Mail Merge for Batch Manufacturing Record

Planning Resource

Secondary Resources in Recipes

Change of resource in time ticket process order confirmation

Resource Classification in Master Recipe for Planning

  Material qty calcualtion in process order

What's the meaning of NONE in control recipe destination address?

Transfer Long Text Values of XSteps using Process Messages

PP-CRP  Capacity Planning

[PP-CRP]In What Test Cases Are You Interested?

Scheduling Levels for Integrated Long, Mid and Short Term Planning

"Shift Order" indicator in customizing Tcode OPU3

Convert PIT time used in scheduling to real date - Report CYDATTIM

PP-CRP: Scheduling and order dates calculation

CRP Basic Settings Part 1 - Work Center

Work Center Formula and Overhead Calculation

CRP Basic Settings Part 2 – Routing

CRP Basic Settings Part 3 – Production Order

Capacity oriented Sales order Scheduling with Planning Materials

CRP Basic Settings part 4 - Running Capacity Leveling in Background

CM21 / CM25: General screen problems

Capacity Requirement Table KBED

PP-CRP Hot Note: Planned orders are not lead time scheduled

Lead time scheduling for planned orders: Is it really necessary?

Capacity Leveling: Dispatching with a setup group

PP-REM:  Repetitive Manufacturing

Key considerations while moving from Discrete to Repetitive Manufacturing

SAP PP - REM Step with T-code

how to use detailed scheduling in SAP-REM for the automated generation of a weekly production progra...

Error message RM213 :Document is postprocessing document and cannot be cancelled

Repetitive Manufacturing Profile -REM Profile Asssistant

SAP REM full cycle scenario with basic step

Reporting point backflush in REM process                                  :smile:

Dependent requirement reduction after reporting point backflush               :smile:

311-Transfer posting reservation against Production order through MF60

Repetitive Manufacturing Profile -REM Profile Asssistant

REM Manufacturing confirmation: tables updating in MFBF

Measure Documents and REM Manufacturing.

HU , batch management and REM manufacturing.

Reversal of a postprocessing document in REM Manufacturing. Error RM213

Error message RM213 :Document is postprocessing document and cannot be cancelled

Pull List and Stock Determination in Production

Do you know transaction MFS0? Do you perform mid-term planning?

PP-MP-DEM:  Demand Management

Overview of SAP Planning Strategy

Appropriate  selection of  Planning Strategies

Decision tree for choosing the planning strategy for a material

Make-to-Stock Strategies: Strategy 10

Make to Stock Strategies - Strategy 11

Planning Strategy 10 vs Planning Strategy 30 in MTS

Make to Order strategies - Strategy 20

Planning Stratergy 50 ( Planning w/o Final Assembly ) - SAP PP !

Demand driven Planning with MTO Production(Stg:50)

Detailed difference btw 40& 50 Planning Strategies

Planning Strategy - 59 - Planning at Phantom Assembly Level

Planning Strategy - 70 - Planning at Assembly Level

Using two planning strategies for the same material

Concept on Consumption and Reduction

Demand Management: FAQ and consulting notes

Reorganization of Planned IndependentRequirements-MD74, MD75 & MD76

Create Planned Independent Requirement(PIR) for Configurable Material

Stock transfer Requirment Consume PIR


Sales and Operation Planning Overview

Flexible Planning in SOP process flow...

Standard SOP Process flow...

SOP: Rough-Cut Capacity Planning

Sales & Operations Planning

Sales and operations planning - LTP and Short term planning

Sales and operations planning - LTP and Short term planning part 2

Supply & Demand Planning


S021 - MCPM and MCRV report

MC94 Error msg. MA360 No characteristic value combinations exist for the selected data

PP integration with other modules:

Integration between PP and SD module

Integration between PP module and PM module

PP module and PM module Integration (For tracking the usage value of PRT's)
Integration between PP module and QM module

Integration of PP module with MM module

Document Management System Integration with Production order( SFC)

QM basics:

Useful Customization Transactions for SAP Quality Management (QM) Module

In process Inspection in Production - Usage of Sampling Schema

Inprocess Inspection - Quantity Confirmation during Results Recording

In process inspection in Production at regular intervals

UD mandatory for Stock posting from Quality to Unrestricted Stock


How to analyze an error message in debug

How to analyze authorization issues in debug

How to analyze transaction MD04 in debug

A breakpoint to debug how RESB-NO_DISP is set by MRP

Batch Determination – Debug Tips

SAP如何debug远程调用的函数模块 (SAP: How to debug RFC)

How to check why the field content is poped up automatically

How to debug the programs triggered internally by RFC to be run in background

How to debug the programs triggered by RFC to be run in background

SAP Query:

Configuration in Queries – An example with planned orders

Basic steps of report generation by query with example and scenario

Some tips on ABAP query (SQ01) Part 1

Some tips on ABAP query (SQ01) Part 2

Master data related:


Compare BOMs with different categories.

Classes as place holders [Components in Super BOM]

Concept of Alternative Item group functionality in BOM

Alternative materials in BOM & Production Order

Order Type Based BOM Determination for Production Orders

Insert fields to CS15

Mass update of BOM

Usage of Revision Level for PP Masters -BOM and Routing

Correct BOM selection in multiple BOMS for same FG Product for the same month

Classes as place holders [Components in Super BOM]

BOM Configuration: BOM Modification Parameters

Exploring Special Procurement Types: Phantom Assemblies

Multilevel BOM Explosion With all alternative BOMs like CS03


When deletion indicator is set in routing tables PLPO/PLAS/PLFL/PLMZ

Routing Common FAQ's

Why Rate Routing is (recommended) used in Repetitive Manufacturing?

Update the material master with routing schedule function

PP-BD-RTG Hot Note : 2299446 - not only improve performance, but also solve other issues

Routing upload with component & Prt assignment using standard batch input


Overview of Batch Management                                           added on 1/14/2015

Batch Class Conversion in SAP

Batch Derivation in Production

Considering  component shelf life in batch determination

Align vendor batch number with SAP batch number during Goods Receipt

Batch Specific UoM and Active Ingredient Management

Catch Weight Management

Original Batch

Batch Determination – Debug Tips

Batch Derivation with BADI Derivation

Batch Derivation Overview with example

Batch Management Userexits and BAdIs

How to search batches on the basis of a remaining shelf life in batch determination?


Material Revision,MRP and Inspection

Serial Numbers with specific reference to Production & Goods Movements - Part 1

Serial Numbers with specific reference to Production & Goods Movements - Part 2

Component serial number tracking

Serial Number Replacement

Variant Configuration- Basic idea

Upload Material Consumption Data into ECC - FM - MVER_MAINTAIN_DARK

CEWB - Engineering Workbench
Resource Classification in Master Recipe for Planning

CAPP: Calculating Standard Values

Standard Value calculation Via CAPP- an Overview

Key performance efficiency for a work center in SAP PP R3

LSMW-Work Center Creation Step by Step with screenshots

CA85N: A transaction to perform mass change of work centers.

Work Center cannot be deleted

Upload production version


What can a Niche area like 'SAP KANBAN' do for you?

A simple Kanban Vendor solution

KANBAN with Stock Transfer

KANBAN Execution-  Stepby Step Approach

How to configure stock transfer Kanbans from WM managed Sloc

Kanban process


How To Setup the SAP Fiori Launchpad

Using SAP Fiori to manage shortages on MRP

Analysis of Fiori applications - Production Planning LOB


Background job results sending through mail using the spool recipient

Transaction and Screen variants with an Example

creation of transaction variant

How to create transaction/standard/screen variants for parameter transactions.

Combined Production Order Processing (DIMP)

Useful Notes on ATP (Available-to-promise)

Method to Find Transport requests for a Configuration Objects Easily

Finding Transport request

Program to display Authorization Object for any T. Code

Program to display Exits and BAdI 

How to find User Exit for any T. Code

Method to find Exits and BAdis:

Script Recording & Playback for Dummies

Mail Trigger with TEXT file via JOB run

How to identify the relevant Correction notes applicable for your SAP Release in one-go?

Create folder in SAP Area Menu

Tip: how to find out the correct component when raising OSS messages

How to find the suitable notes/KBAs                                                     :smile: