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🟠 ui5-test-runner v3


2 years ago, ui5-test-runner was created to solve the problem of long running tests that may crash with karma.

On top of allowing parallel executions of tests, the tool also offered interesting features such as screenshots executing during the tests and the promise that it integrates with other browser automation tools. Yet, the tool had some limitations that restricted its adoption: the major one being that it does not integrate with the @ui5/cli framework.

The version 3 of the ui5-test-runner is about to be released and it solves many challenges of the first version:

  • It is lighter
  • It is delivered with with puppeteer, selenium-webdriver and  jsdom integration
  • It is capable of running tests of an already served UI5 application (and hence integrates better with @ui5/cli)
  • It has better reporting (and debugging) features

During this session, I would like to present the version 3 of the tool and demonstrate its new capabilities as well as discuss about its future.

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