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🔵 SAP AI Core Toolkit


Learn how to use the SAP AI Core toolkit to leverage AI capabilities directly from Visual Studio Code to develop smart business applications.

After the session, complete the following tutorial so you can earn points for the amazing Devtoberfest contest:

More information on SAP AI Core you can find here:

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1 Comment

Hi Dhrub,

Thanks for the demo.! I was not able to understand what is the use case or what are the challenges that we are trying to address with this.?

I could see only towards the end of the session something mentioning house price prediction, it would have been really helpful if we can clarify the use case or challenges that we are trying to address in the beginning of the session, so that we can easily relate all the development of Application, yaml files and all those artifacts that we were creating, else everything looks and goes above the head like a bouncer.:-)

Thanks & Regards,