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Product and Topic Expert

Understanding the 'big picture' is essential to managing any kind of organization effectively. SAP is well aware of this, and thus, recommends that businesses adopt a comprehensive and integrated approach when setting up a Customer Center of Expertise (Customer COE). In this blog post, we'll explore the Customer COE Management Framework, which is SAP's  capabilities in a sustainable and optimal manner.

When businesses manage their SAP Customer COE by consciously addressing all management layers, they reap the numerous benefits that come along with increased transparency and adaptability. The end result? Enhanced resilience and a more versatile SAP IT organization. With SAP's Customer COE Management Framework, businesses gain a holistic perspective that allows them to review their capabilities and determine if any are missing, require updating, or must be approached differently.

The Customer COE Management Framework is tried and true, built on real-world SAP and Customer experiences and boasting a proven track record in hundreds of customer projects. It encompasses five central focus areas that are instrumental when setting up a Customer COE, representing key areas of an SAP expert organization and the related topics and tasks.


The Framework is also commonly applied as a comprehensive checklist to ensure all aspects of Customer COE are being managed correctly. It promises to leave no stone unturned when it comes to guiding you to achieve the best results with your Customer COE.

For each dimension you can find a dedicated Whitepaper to read through in detail:

In conclusion, the Framework provides the necessary insight for staying on top of your SAP game, ensuring you're prepared to adapt as needed and unlock the full potential of your SAP IT organization.