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What's your setup look like?

Community Manager
Community Manager

I'm looking at a possible home office remodel and I was curious what is working for people? @grassl shared his setup in a video for SAP TechEd last year.

I mean are we all still on multiple monitors? standing desks? Everything mounted on an arm?

My current setup is a 27" Curved ASUS monitor with a Vest Mount on the back for my Mac mini M1, Yeti Mic on an arm and a Logitech Stream Cam sitting on top of the monitor with a Hub that allows me to connect either my work MacBook or leave my personal Mac mini hooked up. Logitech MX Anywhere mouse but still a full size Apple Keyboard. Steam Deck mini for quick switching around. Also I have a custom RPi 8GB which I actually use for Python and NodeJS coding.


I'm looking for gear suggestions, images of setups, etc. What do you have?


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I agree, @grassl office set up is nice

Sadly I am using kitchen table for the few times I need to log on; I still go into work everyday - it is mostly a personal choice as I like the divide between work and home.  I appreciate that more the older I get! 

One reason I am looking at the remodel is to increase the divide, my current setup out of necessity is the end of the hall at the top of the stairs.... so in the middle of the house and foot traffic basically.

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I started a more extensive remodeling project for the office to create a second home office perfect for my wife and me. Progress is slow; the office is a mess right now, but I will share some updates.

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Looking forward to it! I've been looking now at desks (buying or making) for weeks lol so more or less no progress.

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I have a "real" home office.   I'm too lazy to take pictures right now.   And OK - I'm also working waiting on someone else at the moment.   So here it goes:

  • Deskjet printer - nothing fancy just an HP OfficeJet pro
  • Asus 20 inch monitor
  • Laptop from my company
  • A must have - A fan.
  • Book space - Stacks of SAP and non-sap technical books
  • Kindle - gives you a heck of a lot more space.
  • Headset -  wired to help with connectivity
  • Desk - completely "old school" with nice drawers and everything.
  • Dr. Who - TARDIS
  • A Furby
  • A SAP Data Analyst Ninja - who would miss his "tutu"  My hair hair tie.  Elastic of course.
  • Three different glasses for different strength - depends on how long I've been working.
  • Cell phone & charger
  • "Old School" IPOD
  • Ergonomic chair - mine happens to be a gaming chair - I love it.
  • Must have - Craig your missing out - A window to look outside at the wild life.

Not quite what you were looking for - but fun to answer.....  🙂

I've searched my poor fingers to the bone on setups - do you know how many YouTube videos exist on people sharing their setups!!!! I've made notes of yours 😉

Community Manager
Community Manager

I guess finally time for a bit of an update on my own progress. Carpet ripped out, walls and ceiling painted, floors redone, custom desk done and finally putting all the pieces together.

20 year old carpet gone, floor of 100yr old house not totally flat20 year old carpet gone, floor of 100yr old house not totally flatoak slab with live edgeoak slab with live edgeBeeswax finishBeeswax finishminimalist setupminimalist setupsingle cable managementsingle cable management

Bit of a space theme going on I guess

Screenshot 2023-03-20 at 13.14.39.pngnot fully finished upnot fully finished upScreenshot 2023-03-20 at 13.14.59.png

and of course approval was given


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My Setup is really simple: Macbook 16" with 64 GB Ram, 2TB Harddisc and a virtual Windows 11 on it, for the SAP. The Eclipse is hosted on the Windows, because it's needed to much Time to install the Dependencies to using the Eclipse on the Macbook. 

The SAP GUI is installed, but it is no alternative to the SAP-GUI 8 on Windows. For example, the Autocomplete with Control + Space is missing.

For the work with UI5 I use the Webstorm from Jetbrain, because it's better than VSC.

Right now I'm like a Digital nomad in Latin America, but back in Germany I use a curved Monitor from Samsung. 

That's it.

best regards,