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Job Scheduling

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I order to run a Report monthly with 2 different variants, each one for a different month period, we need to create two different jobs:


Start Date: first day of the month

End Date: day 7


Start Date: day 8

End Date: last day of the month

Do you know if it's possible to configure the jobs above described? If not, do you have sugestions about how can we schedule the jobs?

Thanks in advance,



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Hai Luis,

Go to SM36, give a name, job class and click on 'Step'. In the pop-up screen, enter click on ABAP program. Give your program name and the variant with which you want to run it. Save it and come back to the initial screen. Now click on 'Start Condition'. Click on 'Date/Time. Give a schedule start date and time. I am not sure if you can say start any time between these two times. You can only tell the system as to when it can start.

Check the box at the bottom 'Periodic Job' and then click on 'period values'. There specify 'Weekly'. Save all and you are ready to go.



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- Go to SM37

-Click on button in application toolbar <b>'Extend Job

Selection'</b> ( green icon )

-Under tabstrip <b>'Status'</b>

Enter the Program name

--Under tabstrip <b>'Active'</b>

Enter the date range and time and check the checkbox according to your job scheduling requirement.

-- or for Monthly run go to tabstrip <b>'Period'.</b>

Check Radiobutton <b>'Only Periodic Jobs'</b>

and Enter the month

I hope it would be helpful for you...



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But how I create a job that will run all days between 01 and 07, and repeat that schedule every month?

I'm not sure about how we can configure that combination...

In SM37, ff I define that job will be Active between 01 and 07, and define a Monthly period, that will correspond to our request?



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Yes by specified the days and defining the Monthly period should solve you issue.



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You can do the job scheduling as per your requirement,but for that you have to give the approprite date and time in the "START TIME" screen of the SM36 tcode.

I hope this will help you to solve your problem.


Mrutyunjaya Tripathy

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<b>Schedule Manager</b> Automate your routinue task with Schedule Manager. It facilitate the definition, scheduling, execution, and review of tasks that are executed on a regular basis, such as period-end closing.

<b>SCMA - Schedule Manager</b>

<b>Checking your program Background Job Status</b>

Checking your job status with SM50 (processor type BTC) is more accurate then SM37. SAP updates the tables TBTCO wheneveryour background jobs status change. If SAP is shutdown, the currentjobs might not be update ontime to the table. ( e.g. a background job wasshown as Active (SM37), in fact it real status should be Cancelled.

The type of work process:

DIA - work process for executing dialog steps in user transactions

UPD - update process for executing U1 (time-critical) database changes

UP2 - update process for executing U2 (non-critical) database changes

ENQ - for setting and releasing locks on SAP lock objects

BTC - for executing background jobs

SPO - for spool formatting processes

PID: Process ID of the work process.

<b>Schedule Background Job without selections parameters</b>

Execute transaction <b>SM36</b>

Click Steps

Click ABAP/4 and type in the program name

Click Save

Finally fill in the Start date

In 4.6x, SAP provide a friendly GUI transaction code <b>SM36WIZ</b> for users to submit jobs in the background.