SAP Champions

SAP Champions are among the top contributors within SAP Community. They frequently answer questions, share knowledge through blog posts, speak at community-related events, lead in-person engagement activities, attract new members to the community, and generally serve as role models. Through their insights and expertise, SAP Champions help members get the most out of the community, everywhere and anywhere!

Who are SAP Champions?

SAP Champions are leaders who distinguish themselves in the eyes of their peers and uphold the ideals and spirit of the SAP Community. Recognizing their place as top performers within SAP Community, we invite them to join the SAP Champions program, so they can serve as examples and motivate other members.

For their service, we award them with an official badge and label for their profile, recognize them publicly at events such as SAP TechEd, and give them direct access to the SAP Community management team (so that they may best represent the interests of all members).

SAP Champions must dedicate themselves solely to this program -- meaning they can't also serve on other SAP Community strategic councils or related influencer teams. In addition, to qualify for the program, they must have:

  • A full public profile that includes their real name and picture
  • Peer recognition and respect for their leadership abilities
  • A positive attitude that welcomes people into the community
  • Ongoing participation after selection -- on the SAP Community platform, through Community Calls, and at related events, such as SAP Stammtisch, SAP CodeJam, and SAP Inside Track meetings

In April 2020, we expanded the SAP Champions further, opening the program up to all members -- regardless of SAP employment and length of membership. At the same time, we retired programs such as the SAP Technology Ambassadors and the Member of the Month Hall of Fame, and members who had been eligible for those programs are now regularly invited to join the SAP Champions program. By focusing on one core program dedicated to the very best members, we ensure a consistent approach to recognizing top contributors and deliver ongoing value to the community itself.

What do SAP Champions do?

SAP Champions serve as advocates for and representatives of SAP Community. Whether on or at in-person events, they help create an inclusive and receptive environment where all individuals are welcome to seek help and exchange knowledge. They promote positive constructive behavior among members -- on and off the SAP Community platform.

Specific activities include:

  • Helping with the onboarding of new members, making them aware of SAP Community tutorials and resources
  • Educating members about the various features of SAP Community
  • Introducing members to the SAP Community reputation system, so they understand how to earn karma credits through positive contributions, complete missions, and earn badges
  • Answering questions within the Questions and Answers section
  • Creating blog posts within their topic areas to share their knowledge
  • Leading Community Calls
  • Running local events, such as SAP Stammtisch, SAP CodeJam, and SAP Inside Track meetings
  • Attracting new members through their positive influence (and welcoming these newcomers to the community 

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