Influencer Programs

Learn about the different influencers including SAP Mentors, SAP Technology Ambassadors, SAP Champions and Developer Advocates.

SAP Technology Ambassadors

The SAP Technology Ambassadors are SAP employees in different positions: product managers, developers, architects, and consultants, all offering a variety of insights, the most up-to-date SAP knowledge, and rich perspectives of the SAP world and ecosystem. They can often be found as speakers at events, sharing content within the SAP Community, and helping to educate others in how to make the most out of their technology investment.
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Get to know the SAP Technology Ambassadors.

SAP Mentors

SAP Mentors provide guidance and feedback on SAP technologies and strategies. The SAP Mentors program is a global advocacy program that identifies and recognizes exceptional and high-value members of the larger SAP ecosystem.
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SAP Mentors Alumni

An SAP Mentors Alumnus is a person who has served as an active SAP Mentor and has since 'retired' from the SAP Mentors program. These alumni are renowned and reputable experts in their respective fields.
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SAP Champions

SAP Champions are among the top contributors within SAP Community. By answering questions, sharing knowledge through blog posts, speaking at events, and more, they help members get the most out of the community, everywhere and anywhere!
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Developer Advocates

Developer Advocates spend a lot of time interacting with both the developer community and SAP product owners. They actively communicate in both directions -- seeking to understand what you need to know, listening to what you have to say, and representing what they hear back into SAP Product development. They play a key role within Developer & Community Relations and are here to help you understand the practical aspects of evolving SAP technologies. Advocates spend much of their time speaking at SAP events, delivering SAP CodeJams, writing tutorials, and blogging. Get to know the Developer Advocates