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Developer Advocate

It's May Day, which can only mean 1 thing ... the April challenge for SAP Build Apps is over ☹️


I hope you learned a lot, and had a little bit of fun along the way. Thanks for participating, and for the discussions as we together solved the puzzles, and thanks to my colleagues @eshrinivasan and @Rekha_DR for creating the last 2 challenges.

Everyone who completed at least one of the challenges will get a badge (similar to the one below). 


Some stats:

  • 35,000 views of the challenge post (combined)
  • 397 replies (not written by me) + 65 kudos on the posts
  • 78 people participated in the challenges
  • 63 people completed at least 1 challenge successfully
    • 16 people completed all 5 challenges
    • 14 people completed 4 of the challenges
    • 3 people completed 3 of the challenges
    • 5 people completed 2 of the challenges
    • 25 people completed 1 challenge

A shout-out to the 16 people who completed all the challenges:


To keep track of the stats for the contest and to check whether people submitted the correct hash, we created an app, in SAP Build Apps, of course, which included:

  • Mash-up of 2 APIs (circumventing CORS with destinations)
  • Complex logic (including looping) to check all responses and then check hashes, all without JavaScript
  • Formatted layout to easily show results
  • Download of CSV for awarding badges

This is a classic case of a citizen developer being able to create for themselves an app to help with their day-to-day work. We created the basic app in about a week, and embellished it throughout April. I will try to write a separate blog about the app.




To be honest, I thought I was showing you guys a thing or two about SAP Builds Apps, but found I learned so much about SAP Build Apps during April, including:

  • How to get around CORS with destination
  • How to get around CORS with headers (including pre-flight conditions)
  • The 3 ways to open a web page in an app
  • How to get the current users email (app and mobile)
  • How to get the user's current location
  • How to embed a map or YouTube video in a web app
  • How to work with audio
  • How to create a custom menu
  • The 4 ways for spacing out components
  • The default Authorization header sent when creating REST data resources with destinations (that I didn't realize was ruining my API call)
  • The 2 ways for navigating
  • How to use containers for layout
  • How to do looping in logic flows
  • How to download a CSV file
  • ... and a few more things

Thanks for participating – I hope you enjoyed it.

Till the next challenge 😺