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With shoppers becoming increasingly channel-blind and expecting their shopping needs to be met at all checkpoints, SAP and gicom understand retailers are being challenged to deliver stronger, more engaging and profitable customer experiences. To help meet these expectations, the new integration between SAP Promotion Management and SAP S/4HANA for agreement profitability and negotiation by gicom is now available.

This collaboration provides a powerful tool for major retailers and their sellers, from among diverse markets including grocery, pharmaceutical and DIY, to provide their offerings to shoppers across their commerce channels.

Organizing these collaborations is complex, as each partner may have a different strategy for pricing and promotion. For instance, some retailers have an everyday low pricing (EDLP) strategy and position, while others maintain reasonable promotional prices and highlight other key factors that consumers consider when deciding where to shop.

Regardless of the strategy, both parties are focused on achieving optimal profit margins. This key metric drives retailers to search for the best deals from their vendors such as better payment conditions, free items, and promotional incentives within advertising methods, and more.

Managing your partner negotiations and striving to find the best deal for your chosen retail strategy can be challenging and time consuming. A systematic process for managing all aspects of these agreements is needed. In response, SAP and gicom have joined forces to provide a solution to your traditional agreement and promotion roadblocks.

Why Automate Your Negotiation Process?

SAP S/4HANA for agreement profitability and negotiation by gicom maps all agreements, either on-premise or on-cloud, via your existing systems and stores the documentation in one place. Available on all devices, the solution allows retailers like you to take advantage of best practices for the entire agreement management process, geared towards your individual requirements and ensuring maximum flexibility and security. In addition, with the new integration, promotion plans can be factored into agreements to maximize their effectiveness between partners.

By automating the agreement lifecycle process with SAP S/4HANA for agreement profitability and negotiation, you and your partners can establish a smooth and efficient method that provide visibility into the effects on earnings, margin, cost, sales and promotional pricing for every single item and transaction. As such, both parties have a current and transparent single source of truth at all times, enabling everyone a more strategic and well-informed experience. Along with saving you precious time, additional benefits include:

  • Increased margins and profitability

  • Improved negotiating position

  • Full transparency regarding terms and negotiations

  • One solution for the entire organization

  • Intuitive and easy handling of agreements

  • Enhanced promotional periods with the SAP Promotion Management integration

Learn More

Watch a demonstration of this new integration between SAP Promotion Management and SAP S/4HANA for agreement profitability and negotiation by gicom in the webinar, Master Your Agreement Management and Margin Optimization with SAP.

The webinar will begin at 7 AM PST, 10 AM EST, 4 PM CET on Tuesday, Nov 16, 2021. Attendees will learn how to:

  • Digitize all agreements and terms, including settlement and posting within SAP, driving revenue growth

  • Associate promotion-based vendor funds automatically with your Promotional Offers in PMR

  • Calculate, in real-time, your margin while managing profitability at all levels

  • Gain a clear and concise view of your business partner profitability KPIs

Register for this webinar today and join gicom and SAP for live chat.

Can’t make it? Reach out to gicom today to learn more about our latest innovations. We look forward to hearing from you!


*This blog is co-authored with Bruce Sholes (Promotions Technology Global Solutions Director, SAP) and Stefan Hilger (Member of Executive Board and Owner, gicom)
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