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SuccessFactors recently announced the availability of the SAP HANA Cloud Platform, extension package for SuccessFactors’ applications. In this blog I am going to talk about what the extension package comprises of and direct your attention to some videos and links that may be worth your time to visit and know more about the extension package and its components.

SAP HANA Cloud Platform, extension package for SuccessFactors enables customers, partners, and developers to extend their SuccessFactors applications and build entirely new applications to better fit their particular business needs without slowing down their speed of execution or innovation. The package consists of two main components, Metadata Framework and the SAP HANA Cloud Platform, giving customers and partners both the flexibility and control of an on-premise solution, and the speed and cost benefit of a cloud applications.

What this means for HR is that they:
  • don’t have to be limited to a cloud vendor’s best-practice model and change their HR processes overnight to fit with that model

  • do not have to disrupt the business with a system replacement and a rip-and-replace implementation

  • can now make incremental changes to the business when each unit is ready to change and eliminate the need to change when the current product releases a new version or becomes obsolete

  • they can now implement country-specific, regulatory and company-specific features and functions readily

SAP HANA Cloud Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) is an open, standards-based development and deployment service that allows SAP customers and partners to build and deploy custom applications in SAP Cloud data centers around the world. The platform provides out-of-the-box integration with a comprehensive set of shared services such as identity management, security, mobility, collaboration, and in-memory database that greatly reduces the time needed to develop enterprise applications in the cloud. With this service customers can deploy extensions that are tightly coupled with SuccessFactors applications at both the data and user interface level to provide a consistent and beautiful user experience.

Built into SuccessFactors solutions, the Metadata Framework (MDF) makes it quick and easy for business users to define new custom objects, within the SuccessFactors solutions, without any coding required. MDF custom objects are tightly coupled with SuccessFactors applications and reuse existing core application functions—like permissions, workflows, APIs and analytics-- that eliminate data replication issues and the high cost of integrating with SuccessFactors applications. Using MDF customers can develop custom objects and automatically expose those to SAP HANA Cloud Platform.  These objects can then be used by the SAP HANA Cloud Platform for developing richer application extensions that can be mobile and social enabled.

Together MDF and the SAP HANA Cloud Platform, in the SAP HANA Cloud Platform, extension package for SuccessFactors, provide businesses with a quick and easy way to adapt and integrate SuccessFactors cloud applications to their existing business processes, thus helping them maintain their competitive advantage, engage their workforce and improve their bottom-line.

Customers will now get the benefits of cloud: speed of innovation, reduced complexity, low cost of ownership, with the benefits of traditional on premise applications: maximum flexibility, custom control, and process extensions within the existing applications. The SAP HANA Cloud Platform, extension package for SuccessFactors facilitates customers’ migration to the cloud in their own way, at their pace, and without the need to give up critical, unique and differentiating business processes.

Watch this video to discover what SuccessFactors provides to eliminate the “big bang” approach to system replacement and adopt an “incremental change process” in its’ place: http://youtu.be/z2ZeiEISzpY

Don't miss this video—learn how to bridge the gap between strategy and execution by developing apps with SAP HANA Cloud Platform: http://youtu.be/4ADMSI7cZdg

Thanks for reading.

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