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Hello Friends,

We all know what is ‘Rounding value’, it is value to which the system rounds up the procurement quantity.  But in this Blog, we will discuss about Rounding Profile and specifically on Static Rounding Profile, we will not discuss here about other two type of profiles (Dynamic and Quantity to be added/subtracted)

Static Rounding Profile: in Simple words, Its set of multiple rounding values. Let me elaborate the same in this way with below example from chemical industry.

There is Product X, which can be Produced in any of below three Manufacturing / Mixing Tanks. Tank A is having 9000 Ltrs capacity, Tank B is having 11000 Ltrs capacity and Tank C is has 14000 Ltrs capacity. And these tanks are validated for full capacity only, partial tanks not allowed for production.

Manufacturing Tanks


In other word there are 3 different Lot sizes/ batch size for Product X, 9000 Ltrs, 11000 Ltrs and 14000 Ltrs.

Now in terms of Master data there is no challenge. You can go either with Single BOM or multiple BOM, but there will be 3 Routings and 3 Production versions, but challenge here is, system should pick nearest Lot size/batch size during MRP run

For this scenario I have created a static Rounding Profile (using transaction code OWD1) as shown below

Rounding Profile


Assigned this Rounding profile in material master along with minimum and maximum lot size values.

Material Master_MRP1

In terms of Production master data, created 3 Routings and 3 production versions.

Production Version


Now let’s see how Rounding Profile works during MRP Run.

If you look at below stock requirement, month wise requirement is as below

August = 24000 Ltrs September = 13000 Ltrs, October = 18000 Ltrs, November = 24000 Ltrs.

MD04_Before MRP Run


After running the MRP, Planned Orders are generated as below.

MD04_After MRP Run


From the above MRP result we can see that for the given requirement quantity, system has picked nearest Rounding quantity from the Rounding Profile to create the planned orders with defined production version for that lot size. Such kind of dynamic lot size selection is only possible with Rounding Profile. Quota arrangement can help up to certain extent but that is not dynamic as compare to Rounding profile.


Refer below useful link from SAP Library on Rounding Profile



Hope this blog will help you in some extent. Let me know in the comments what you found useful in this blog. Suggestions are also welcome to make this blog more useful. Kindly follow my profile to get latest update on similar content.

Thank you very much for time.