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In case we need to delete the personal number of an employee, if we hired a wrong employee,  employee did not joined the Company, etc

In such situations we can use below reports to delete the Personnel numbers:
1) RPUDELPN : For non-production systems.
2) RPUDELPP : For production systems.


Authorization Object : P_DEL_PERN

Double Verification principle is implemented

Two roles (request and execute) that have to be assigned to two different users:
1) 01 : "requester" of the deletion
2) 02 : “executor” of deletion

Ultimately deletion of Personnel number is done by report RPUDELPN which is called from this report.

The whole process is logged in the table HRPAD_DELPN.

Execution of RPUDELPP:
The report provides below options:

To Delete the Personnel Number:
Step 1) User specifies the Personnel Number and “Request Destruction”.

(User must have "requester" of the deletion role assigned)

An entry is made in table HRPAD_DELPN with status 01.

Step 2) Another user specifies the Personnel Number which has to be deleted(for which “Request Destruction” has already been done) and selects “Perform Destruction”

(User must have “executor” of deletion role assigned)

In HRPAD_DELPN two new Entries are created with status as below:
(a) “3” : Meaning Report RPUDELPN has been called.
(b) “4” : Meaning Personnel number has finally been deleted.

If however due to some reason RPUDELPN is called but it is not able to delete the pernr, then the entry in HRPAD_DELPN with status “4” is not created:

If for any personnel number Destruction has already been requested(but deletion is not done yet) then user can withdraw the destruction by selecting “Withdraw Destruction Request”.
(Any of the two roles "requester" of the deletion or “executor” of deletion  role must be assigned to the user).
In this case an entry is made in HRPAD_DELPN with status “2”

1) user can have have both roles.
2)  Locked Personnel numbers cannot be deleted.
3) User must have write authorization for all HR infotypes and subtypes.
4) Personnel numbers which are to be deleted must have a Payroll Status (Infotype 0003) record. If the record does not exist then it must be created first.
5) The relevant infotypes are read from table T582A Customer-Specific Settings. If this table contains no entry, no data is deleted.
6) Once the Personnel number is deleted it can be reassigned to a new Person. Only table HRPAD_DELPN will contain a reference that the personnel number was previously assigned.
However, the number range is not reset, if you want to generate same PERNR again you have to reset the number range status in T-Code PA04.
7) If the report RPUDELPP is executed in non-production systems then it will give a warning, although it can still be used.

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