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On September 28, Olympic gold and three-time silver medalist in women’s gymnastics, Dancing With the Stars champion, New York Times best-selling author, ESPY award winner, and Celebrity Apprentice cast member Shawn Johnson came to the SAP Palo Alto campus!

I am a huge fan of Shawn Johnson and have followed her on social media since the 2008 Olympics. I subscribe to her website The Body Department, which is a fun place to find beauty tips, healthy recipes, and workout ideas, and I voted for her on both seasons she was on Dancing With the Stars. To say I was excited to meet her is an understatement!

I sat in the front row next to the young gymnasts who were there after school to meet their idol. Shawn walked up to the stage with all smiles and was very engaging with the kids in the audience. Shawn spoke about her journey to the Olympics and what it was like to compete with the best athletes from across the globe. She shared her experience growing up at the gym, and the 30 hours a week she put into perfecting her sport. While it wasn’t always easy for her to keep up with it, she followed her passion and it paid off.

Her story was very inspiring, and was a big hit with all the young fans, colleagues, and their family members at the event. It was also a great way to show the kids who attended how SAP supports athletes and sports. I left with a picture of my new best friend Shawn Johnson and me, and feeling proud to have this opportunity at SAP.

The SAP Center will host the next USA Gymnastics Trials, where the best gymnasts in the country will compete for a spot on the U.S. Olympic team. It is exciting that future Olympians, including Shawn, will begin their journey to the 2016 Olympics at our SAP Center this summer. I know I want to be there to see Olympic history in the making! #GoTeamUSA