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Source: SAP

Last week started with a recap of the SAP Mentors Community Call regarding S/4HANA 1709 version.

SAP Mentor yasuko.sekiguchi shared insights about SAP Ariba Live in Japan.  Yesterday Paul Hardy wrote a recap of SAP Ariba Live Sydney.  Paul and his wife met Olympic Champion Cathy Freeman.  Paul's recap is also interesting has he makes observations on presentations based on Toastmasters standards.

jitendrakumar.kansal reviewed Uploading Offline store files for further analysis – using REST API.  I covered SAP Mentor Ingo Hilgefort’s webcast Visual BI Extensions for Lumira 2.0 Webinar Recap

Jason Cao made the big announcement Flying High with New SAP Mentors – September 2017.  It’s exciting to see Mike Appleby and Lars Breddeman, SAP employees who are very active in the SAP Community, become Mentors.  In my view, they have the heart of the community at heart, putting customers first.  Lars Hvam is recognized for his work in ABAP Git.

robin.vanhethof writes another solid blog Using GitHub with Xcode and SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS

The week ended with SAP Inside Track Berlin, which had some live streaming.  Matthias Steiner shared future of SAP Cloud Platform and his slides.  His was also the most tweeted at 32 tweets and favorited.  Oliver Kohl, SAP Community Product Owner, talked about the state of the SAP Community.   The event also featured Darren Hague, one of the first founders of SAP Inside Tracks.


The community had almost 500 tweets in a week’s time period – top tweeters are here:

Above are tweets by time zone, with the most occurring in Berlin time zone (not surprising).

This week:

This week is SAP Australia User Group Summit, with several SAP Mentors presenting.  In 3 weeks is SAP TechEd Las Vegas.