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The Challenge

This year we have heard a lot about how SAP can help simplify, and therefore improve, your business.  From simplifying your landscapes and your technology stacks with innovative cloud solutions and SAP HANA to simplifying the user experience with UI enhancements like Personas and Fiori, SAP is all about simplification.  In all of these solutions, the answer is in the technology.  As always, SAP Education can help with understanding and deploying that technology.  New SAP solutions are designed to break down all the barriers between you and the knowledge you need to effectively and efficiently roll out new SAP technology.  But, your challenge doesn't end at the keyboard.  Our mission, in SAP Education, is to continue that roadmap to include your users - to get between the keyboard and the chair.

How SAP Education can help

Let’s first consider what you need to understand and implement new SAP solutions.  Traditionally, this work has been done by your SAP Project and Technical teams.  The challenge to these teams has been to get the knowledge and training they need when they need it.  The barriers of cost, travel, access to experts and time away from the project have created gaps between what was *possible* to achieve with SAP, and what your solution *delivers*.  The SAP Learning Hub, Customer Edition, address that need.  No longer are your project and technical team members constrained by time, travel and cost.  Learning Hub subscribers can access *any* learning they need when they need it.  Because of this, projects will be able to exploit the full value of the SAP solution stack and SAP customers will be able to see an improved time to value as projects should achieve their goals with fewer knowledge constrains.

Once the solution is built, things get messy because human beings are messy.  Well, maybe that’s the wrong word.  Understanding and quantifying behavior is challenging because everyone works and behaves differently.  So… they are messy.  We want to clean up the mess.  And to do that we need to start by understanding what everyone is doing.  Armed with that knowledge, you need to provide users with the instruction or help they need, when and where they need it.  Then, you want to make sure they have improved and take on the next improvement challenge.

Simply put the solution is:  Analyze.  Instruct.  Repeat.

SAP Education brings simple solutions to the table specifically to help bring simplification and value between the keyboard and the chair.


Analyze the real needs of your organization and your users with SAP User Experience Management by Knoa.  SAP UEM will give you the insight needed to find (and address) the challenges your users are having with using the system.  How you address those challenges is up to you – further training, UX improvements, process improvement, new technology, etc.  But, before you can improve ANYTHING, you must first measure it.  If you want better user adoption, don't measure Help Desk tickets, measure users!  That’s what SAP UEM does  - it provides user analytics so you can see where your users are truly challenged, so you can address those challenges.  And because SAP UEM continues to measure your users over time, you can evaluate if your efforts are paying off.


Easily develop, maintain and deliver training and documentation with SAP Workforce Performance Builder.  WPB is the state-of-the-art SAP solution for end-to-end authoring, editing, and distributing various training and performance support materials regardless of the subject area, be they IT, soft skills, documentation, etc. Simply put - why create different materials, using different tools, for different delivery methods, and different user populations?  The way most organizations try to help their employees only causes more complexity.  WPB can bring simplicity, speed, and power to a critical (and often overlooked) need of your company: knowledge sharing.  So, armed with your understanding of your users from SAP User Experience Management by Knoa, you can create what those users need in SAP Workforce Performance Builder.  Oh, and distribute it to them right through their application.  Or on their mobile device.  Or through their Learning Library.  But, no matter how they get the knowledge, you still need to make sure it’s useful, accurate and up-to-date.  WPB helps there to, because  it is designed with this very need in mind, maintaining and updating these materials is a snap.


Don't let this cycle die  out.  SAP Education can help you kick-start this process and get your organization ready for the changes ahead with our Organizational Change Management and End-User Services.  But, the UEM + WPB solutions will allow your organization to build a repeatable, justifiable, continuous improvement cycle.

Find out more

Come visit SAP Education on the show floor at SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference 2015 and make plans to attend the following
demos and workshops:



Dates & Time: 

SC504:Simplify Knowledge Transfer Through Learning Innovation Demo Station


Tuesday, May 5   11:00 AM – 4:00 PM


Wednesday, May 6   11:00 AM – 6:00 PM


Thursday, May 7   12:00 – 5:30 PM


SC21806: Maximize the Power of Your Organization with Learning in the Cloud


Wednesday, May 6   5:30 – 5:50 PM


Thursday, May 7   3:00 – 3:20 PM 


WORKSHOP: Accelerate Business Outcomes with Cloud-Based Learning


The key to driving value from your SAP investment is to focus on increasing adoption and user confidence. During this workshop, join SAP Education experts to explore the latest cloud-based learning offerings and understand how these tools help leading organizations enable their employees to develop the skills and insight needed to accelerate business outcomes across the organization.


Thursday, May 7   3:30 – 4:30 PM


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