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We are thrilled to announce an exciting update to SAP Data Quality Management, microservices for location data. In our ongoing efforts to provide you with the best value and meet your evolving needs, we will be introducing a new, more affordable service plan available under the SAP BTP Enterprise Agreement (BTPEA) or Pay-As-You-Go for SAP BTP. The new Professional plan will replace our existing Standard plan, which will be gradually phased out in the coming months. We understand that change can be unsettling, but we assure you that this transition will bring numerous benefits and cost savings for all our valued customers.

Why the Change?

As a customer-centric company, we continuously evaluate our offerings to ensure they align with your requirements and provide the best possible experience. After careful consideration and feedback from our customers, we have developed a new service plan that offers the same quality and features you love, but at a significantly lower cost. Our goal is to make our services more accessible and affordable to a wider range of customers.

What to Expect from the New Service Plan:

Our new Professional plan will offer all the essential features and benefits of the existing Standard plan, but at a reduced price point. The service will ensure backward compatibility with our service APIs, so you can simply migrate to the new service plan to work with your existing systems and workflows without any compatibility issues. However, the Professional plan offers an opportunity for growth and expansion, so we encourage you to consider migrating to this plan when you are ready to leverage the benefits of future innovation.

Service Region Availability:

We are happy to share the news that our service recently expanded its service operation in North America. We have now established operations in the United States and Germany, enabling customers in these regions to benefit from improved performance. By connecting to the service nearest to your environment, you can enjoy faster response times and a more seamless experience. The Professional and Standard plans are available in these regions; however, please remember that our future investment will only be in our Professional plan.

How to get started:

Getting started with the new service plan is simple and my previous article can still be a useful reference for you. If you have already tried our free plan, you can upgrade to the professional plan. Alternatively, you can start directly with the Professional plan by creating a new service instance in your subaccount on the SAP BTP Cockpit.


SAP BTP Cockpit Service Instance Creation

What does this mean for existing customers?

Don't worry, you can continue using your existing service plan until you are ready to switch over to the new service instance. This means that you can explore the new service plan at your own pace, without any disruptions to your current setup.

To update the service plan within your subaccount

When you are ready to migrate to the new service plan, the simplest way is to update your existing service instance to the new service plan within your subaccount. The Professional plan is available only in the Cloud Foundry environment. The update within your subaccount will retain your existing configurations and usage history.


SAP BTP Cockpit Service Instance Update

To migrate to another subaccount

If you want to migrate your service to another subaccount, you can create a new service instance in the target subaccount, configure the authentication method, and export any configuration files from your existing subaccount to your new subaccount if there is any custom configuration.

This process may be for your case if you are migrating from the Neo environment to the Cloud Foundry environment or moving to another data center.

To migrate from one subaccount to another, you can refer to our Neo to Cloud Foundry migration documentation. The process is also similar when moving between Cloud Foundry based subaccounts. However, please note that the transaction history data will not be transferred to the new subaccount. If you wish to retain a record of your past activities, you can optionally export the data before migrating.


Data Quality Service UI Configuration Export

Transition Timeline:

We will soon announce the official deprecation date for the existing Standard plan, and it will no longer be available for new customers. This means that new customers seeking to purchase our service plan will need to opt for the new Professional plan under the SAP BTP Enterprise Agreement or Pay-As-You-Go for SAP BTP.

If you are using the service in the Cloud Foundry environment:

Existing customers, however, can continue using the existing service plan until their contractual agreement is renewed. We value our long-standing customers and want to ensure a smooth transition for them. We suggest planning for the transition as soon as possible to take advantage of the new pricing we offer with the new service plan.

If you are using the service in the Neo environment:

Warning! We recommend you transition to the new environment as soon as possible, as the Neo environment will be deprecated in 2028. We will not add any new features to our deployments in the Neo environment. Please find additional details regarding the Neo deprecation in this article.


We are excited for the launch of our new service plan for SAP Data Quality Management, microservices for location data. The service is available in North America and Europe regions with attractive pricing options under SAP BTP Enterprise Agreement or Pay-As-You-Go for SAP BTP.  We believe the new lower-cost service plan with improved performance will provide significant value to our customers.

We encourage our existing customers to explore the benefits of our service plan while we are committed to supporting their existing service operations based on the deprecation schedule outlined in their contractual agreement.  If you have any questions or concerns about the transition to the new service plan, please contact our customer support team. Thank you for your continued trust and support.