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SAFT Poland report from 2 systems

we plant to transfer one of our Polish legal entities from one SAP instance to another one on the date 01/04/2024; we this move we are transferring SAFT-Poland solution as well.But now we came to discussion what should be Cutover procedure (step by s...

Group Laguage / Język grupy

Should we use English or Polish on this group?Powinniśmy na tej grupie pisać po angielsku czy po polsku?What's your opinion? Jak uważacie?Bartek

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SITWAW 2023 - participants registration started!

Dear Group and Community  I’m happy to announce, that today we start registration for the 3rd #SAPInsideTrack Warsaw. We do the #SITWAW together with Mateusz Skrzyniarz from AvoTechs and with Pavel Belski and Irina Svireiko from EPAM Systems. The eve...

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SITWAW 2023 - Call for speakers!

Hi,Let's start activates around the next SAP Inside Track Warsaw. Together with @m-skrzyniarz we are calling for presenters. Check the form and register: https://forms.office.com/e/5GqeGxUeui The event will take place on 23.09.2023. One day earlier, ...

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Some statistics from March 2023

Hi,Here you have some activity statistics in our group (03.2023):Visits - 254Unique visitors - 170Active users - 14Total engagement - 55New member - 1New posts - 5All members - 36All blog posts and discussions - 17Not bad Bartek

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Hybrid work

Hi,I really wonder if anyone of you works in the company which successfully has introduced the real hybrid work model or know such company at all? Of course an IT one.As a "real hybrid" I mean that everyone in the company works at least 1 day a week ...

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Let's know each other

Hi,We are already the group of 33 people. Probably we have already a chance to meet with each other on different events.Where are you form? Where do  you live? What are you doing where you are not busy with SAP topics?I'm from Chełm, That's a town 25...

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#SITWAW 2023

Hi,Yes, September will come soon, faster than we think Hight time to start planning and preparation.I wonder what is your opinion:Would be the "SAP BTP" good leitmotiv of the event?Could we have speakers interested in making a presentation and shari...

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Open source PLC emulator for SAP EWM MFS in action

Hi,I would like to invite you for a virtual meet-up. Dominik Tylczyński will present PLC emulator demo for SAP EWM-MFS.Date: 2.03.2023Time: 18:00 - 19:00The link to the online meeting: Click here to join the meetingUse one of these links to register:...

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Hello Everyone!

How are you doing?It's so beautiful day today in Warsaw. I'm still waiting for my vacation but I enjoy each and every sunny afternoon in the garden, usually working (watering, mowing)Are you back from your holiday or do you still waiting for you vaca...

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sitwaw2022 presentation files

Hi,Here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/15W8_kkJ72DzEdLgsATVlMxUpRZcO6dvW?usp=sharing you can find presentations from the last SAP Inside track in Warsaw:SAP Community and SAP Developers: the Status Update / Witalij RudnickiElectronic Invoici...

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SAP Community events in Warsaw

Hi,SITWAW it's not the only SAP Community event which will take place in Warsaw this year.The SAP Code Jam has been scheduled and it will take place a day before the SAP Inside Track. Check this post for more information: SAP CodeJam Warszawa: UI5 - ...

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SAP Community in Warsaw

 SAP Community in Warsaw started in 2019 thanks to help and inspiration from Wrocław and Copenhagen.In 2019 we organized the SAP Inside Track, Warsaw hosted 2 SAP Code Jams and a few SAP Stammtisch meetings. Unfortunately the 3rd SAP Code Jam and the...

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