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Let's know each other

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We are already the group of 33 people. Probably we have already a chance to meet with each other on different events.

Where are you form? Where do  you live? What are you doing where you are not busy with SAP topics?

I'm from Chełm, That's a town 250 km east of Warsaw, I lived in Warsaw but 2 years ago I have removed with my family to Falenty (next to Janki). So not so far away. I can see Warsaw's skyline from my bedroom.

What I do when I'm not busy with SAP topics? Let's focus on my spare time activities only. There are two main things: running - sometimes quite long distances and working in the garden. I have very ambitious plans for this year: create a few flower beds, install watering system and build a playground for adults.  And do it all with my own hands.


 And what about you?

Best regards, Bartek



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Thank you for all your kudos 🙂 please write something about yourself too 🙂


Then I'll go next! 

I'm Mateusz, living in Warsaw but only since 2019. Originally from Świnoujście but I haven't lived there since 2006. Spent a good part of my life living abroad - Ireland, Taiwan, Germany.

When not busy with SAP topics, I tend to travel, snowboard, cycle or windsurf. I love spending time on (or at) the water.

Besides SAP topics I am also interested in Real Estate.

Cześć! Who's next? 🙂 

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Welcome Mateusz!

You also post a lot on LinkedIn and it's very inspiring 🙂 But I don't know if you do it in your business or spare time 😉

All in my spare time 🙂 SAP doesn't pay me for it, if this is what you are asking 😁 Maybe because I tell it like it is, and not how marketing materials often describe it