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SAP Community in Warsaw

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 SAP Community in Warsaw started in 2019 thanks to help and inspiration from Wrocław and Copenhagen.

In 2019 we organized the SAP Inside Track, Warsaw hosted 2 SAP Code Jams and a few SAP Stammtisch meetings. Unfortunately the 3rd SAP Code Jam and the next SIT planned for 2020 had to be cancelled due to the COVID.

We didn't give-up. Together with Ewelina Siudzińska and Witalij Rudnicki we have organized 5 virtual meetups for all SAP fans in Poland. 

Now it's time to start planning f2f meetings again. Next #SITWAW comes soon. I hope other events too.

But the community, first of all are the people. If you are reading this post, you are the part of it. How could we drive the community in Warsaw together to make it attractive?