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Hybrid work

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I really wonder if anyone of you works in the company which successfully has introduced the real hybrid work model or know such company at all? Of course an IT one.

As a "real hybrid" I mean that everyone in the company works at least 1 day a week from the office.

Could You also share what is your experience with hybrid work at all?

If you aske me how do I work? I work almost every day from the office and I have very good reasons to do it. One of them is free  😉 

And seriously. I really appreciate the flexibility I have and I celebrate each day when I can work from home but as I said, I prefer the office and this is my individual choice.

Best regards / Bartek


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I live in Northern Virginia, and I go to the office as well everyday, for better focus.  When I had to work at home, I felt tied to the laptop.  While at work, I can go walking outside on my lunch break.

At work they offer 3 days in office, 2 days at home; all the LinkedIn articles say that is a good set up.  I prefer the coffee at work too!  I focus better at work.


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I work in IT at a German manufacturing company and since last year we have "FlexWork" where each work team could decide how often each of us should work from the office per week "on average". The theoretical range is 0-5 but the initial baseline was set as a 2:3 ratio of working 2 days from the office and 3 days from home. We also decided on "team days" where ideally colleagues working close together are in the office on the same day once a week. There is however quite a lot of flexibility depending on personal circumstances, what you are working on, and/or what meetings happen in a given week.

Working from the office again after over 2 1/2 years basically just working from home took some getting used to again (rather surprising given that pre-COVID I was only working from the office and didn't feel much of a need to change that as explained here). But by now, for me the 2:3 split works fairly well as both working from the office and from home have their advantages and disadvantages.



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Very similar like in my company, but the truth is that quite often I feel alone sitting in a an empty open space.

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Hi Tammy,

thank you for your reply. I see, you and me work in the hybrid model on our individual choice.

I wonder if there is an IT company who successfully introduced the hybrid in a systematic way for the entire organization.

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SAP (the company) has quite a good model with the Pledge to Flex initiativehttps://news.sap.com/2022/12/pledge-to-flex-empowerment-new-world-of-work/

But in my case I've been working from home for about 6 years now, so not much has changed for me personally.

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Hi Vitaliy, thank you for sharing an interesting article!