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Tool to analyse Interfaces performances

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Hi Friends,

do you know if there is a tool to analyze the performances of the Interfaces : IDoc, Odata, WebService, ... ?

(like for AIF /AIF/PERFORMANCE transaction )

The main objective is inbount interface, to identify the bottle neck, and the improvement points



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Answers (2)


You can use the following TCODE for payload and performance analysis:




Also, TCODE like ST05 can be used to assess performance of the SQL used.

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Thank you for your answer basantmhr

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

For OData & WebService interfaces, you would probably use a standard HTTP benchmarking tool. It needs to be able to load a sample payload file (XML, OData, SOAP or JSon document, depending on the interface to be tested) and then fire that in multiple parallel threads into the target system using HTTP POST.

I remember 20 years ago, we used "WebBench" by Ziff Davis for that, but don't know what is state of the art today... Perhaps here a good tool can be found:
Top 10 HTTP Benchmarking and Load Testing Tools (

IDoc, however, is a different animal...As this is a proprietary format & protocol, there is probably no open source tool to be found for that. However, on the other hand it is not awfully difficult to write one... Just pick your favorite programming language (C, Java, C#), download the corresponding Connector (NW RFC Library, JCo, NCo) and "enhance" the tRFC sample that comes with the documentation of that Connector to

  1. Load a sample IDoc from file
  2. Spawn n threads, and in each thread open an RFC connection and keep sending the sample IDoc using the tRFC functionality of the Connector and function module IDOC_INBOUND_ASYNCHRONOUS. (Using a fresh DOCNUM for each IDoc.)
  3. Of course don't forget to take timestamps at the start and end of the test.

A good point to start would for example be the C/C++ based sample program "iDocClient.c" that can be downloaded from here:
SAP NetWeaver RFC SDK -- Advanced Topics - ABAP Connectivity - Support Wiki
(Documentation is in the PDF document, the source code in the file.)

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Thank you for your answer,

to clarify my requirment, is to find a tool to analyse inside SAP (like ST12, SAT, ...)