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Full export of the CMS from Production to Development

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Hello All,

We have to export the reports and universes from Production to Development. In short we need to sync the Development CMS repository with Production CMS repository.

What is the best way to do this. Is Import Wizard the only way to export the contents to Development?

Because when I exported one report from Dev to Prod , we had to go and reset the scheduling properties again in Production. It did not maintain the properties which it was set to before. Is there a way to maintain the scheduling properties the way it was set to before. Or every time when we export a modified report to Production, we need to go and set properties back?

We are using BO 3.1 version.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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take a look at the Federation feature in BO XI 3.1. More information are available in the administrator Guide [] Page 369.



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To sync Prod with Dev going Prod-Dev - Import Wizard is a preferred option, CMS DB + FRS copy is another (will just replace dev with prod + requires manual cleanup to make sure 2 environments not talking to each other).

To promote content from Dev to prod - LCM tool is the preferred method.

Also, if you're loosing schedule info after Import Wizard import from Dev to Prod - open Incident with support. This should work.

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Best would be Import Wizard but some time it breaks when there is heavy load of data.

You can try taking a backup of the CMS database and Filestore (FRS). On the development server go to CMS and change the CMS data source by pointing to the backup (select the first option). Then log into CMC and change the FRS location (if required), stop all the services and delete the services with Production server name on it (this happens when we use an existing database).

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thanks Stratus, Denis and Guruadmin for you replies.

@ GuruAdmin - what do you mean by "stop all the services and delete the services with Production server name on it (this happens when we use an existing database)."

Can you please give me more details on this.



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Hello NR,

if ServerB starts with a CMS Copy of ServerA it registers his own Servers with the CMS Repository. So you will see f.e.



in the CMC.

So you have to delete all "ServerA" entries in the CMC to have it clean.



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Hi NR,

You will see both Development & Productions services when you go to the "Servers" in CMC once the development is up.

For example,







this happens b'cos of using the production schema for development. It will have a copy of the production services, so you need to delete the services once the CMC is up and running.

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