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Export excel percentage values multiplied by 100

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Hi all,

I'm trying to export to excel some data which contain percentages (version 1.5). The information is displayed correctly in the crosstab and in CSV export. However, when exported to excel, the numbers appear multiplied by 100.

ie, if the value is supposed to be 25.0%,

          in the graph, crosstab and csv it shows 25.0%

          in the excel export it shows as 2500.0%.

I have tried changing the scale just before executing the export command and reverse it after. But it looks like the system is not changing it at all.

Any ideas are highly appreciated.

Thank you,


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Answers (3)

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Were you able to resolve this issue? The same thing happens to me in an EHP8 ERP.

Thank you very much for your help
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I couldn't find a clean solution, but the workaround was removing the % values from the cells just before exporting to excel. something similar to: CROSSTAB.setUnitsAndScalingFactorsDisplay(UnitsAndScalingFactorsDisplay.BOTH_IN_HEADER);

Then export to excel and use the same code to add the % to the cells again.

There are 2 problems left:

     1. the excel doesn't have the % in every percentage cell, but in the header (obviously)

     2. once the excel is exported, the cell don't have the % symbol inside until the user clicks on something else. It could be internal scroll, button, filter, anything! but they have to click on something for the crosstab to display the % again.

Everything else is good, even the CSV option works good.

I hope the problem is already solved by applying a SP.

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Are you using the latest SP for 1.5?  Some things have been fixed in SP's with export to Excel:

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Hi Tammy,

Do you know how to check which SP I'm on? The only thing I could find was version 1.5.06

I checked the note and a couple more but they all talk in terms of SPs.

Thank you


I searched on the SCN and found a reply from you on another discussion. It seems I only have 1.5 SP0. However, I can't apply any updates as this could affect the server side. any ideas of what could be possible to do?

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I don't know what else you could do without applying SP's; it seems there are lot of fixes in the SP's related to export to Excel