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In blog 2 we will provide a comprehensive overview on the next section of the SAP Signavio Process Insights, discovery edition analysis so called Lines of Business (LoB).  

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Lines of Business (LoBs) refer to different functional units of a company. Each line of business represents (Sub-) Processes in a certain business division (e.g. Finance, Sales, Procurement).

Identify opportunities for improvement

In the Lines of Business area, you can identify improvement opportunities for the business units by analyzing concrete value drivers.

Same with End-to-End Processes, the system outlines root causes of a potential issue with the value driver by filtering the information for each performance indicator and investigating into each individual document in LoB.

If you want to improve your Line of Business, don’t worry, we got you! The aim of SAP Signavio Process Insights, discovery edition is to transform your processes and that is why the system proposes correction and innovation recommendations, based on performance and usage, categorized by type, including S/4HANA capabilities, situation handling, Fiori, automation, and machine learning.

Lines of Business

SAP Signavio Process Insights, discovery edition displays 9 Lines of Business in total:

  • Asset Management,
  • Finance,
  • Manufacturing,
  • R&D/Engineering,
  • Sales,
  • Service,
  • Sourcing & Procurement,
  • Supply Chain,
  • Sustainability, Compliance, and Enterprise Strategy.




Value drivers

Value drivers refer to the specific elements within a business process that significantly influence its overall effectiveness, efficiency, and success.

Below each LoB you will find the corresponding value drivers. Looking more closely into the Line of Business of Finance, in this case 9 value drivers are displayed below.




You can select one of the value drivers listed for each line of business you want to pay closer attention to.


Let’s have a closer look into “Improve days payable outstanding”. Once you click on it, you restrict the information displayed on the Process FlowsPerformance IndicatorsCorrection Recommendations, and Innovation Recommendations screens even further. You then see only the data that's relevant for the Improve days payable outstanding value driver.

As a global process owner for Finance, you want to reduce the number of days it takes for the company to pay its suppliers for goods or services received. Your first step is to investigate the Finance line of Business and pay closer attention towards the value driver “Improve days payable outstanding”.

For this performance indicator “Overdue and Accounts payable items” you can see that 62,379 items are affected (picture below).


If you click on the performance indicator “overdue and open Accounts payable items” you will find the overview below. View the top five highest number of objects that are not processed on time which causes the inefficiencies. You can access the detail list to further narrow down the insights.


Filtering capabilities

SAP Signavio Process Insights, discovery edition has powerful filtering capabilities, allowing you to see where issues are occurring and undergo root cause analysis. You can filter the data collected for process flows and standard performance indicators.


The available filters correspond to the fields in the data detail list and are therefore specific to each process flow or standard performance indicator. The most relevant filters are preselected as a suggestion for starting your analysis. 

Stay tuned, as we will dive deeper in the Process Performance Indicators in Blog 6!

Correction and Innovation recommendations

Correction and innovation recommendations play a pivotal role in improving your business processes to gain efficiency. As you can see in the screenshot below, in this case there is no correction recommendation available for the performance indicator “Overdue and open Accounts payable items”.

The picture below demonstrates the innovation recommendation you can implement, sorted by relevance and industry popularity.



In conclusion, Blog 2 of our eight-part blog journey on SAP Signavio Process Insights, discovery edition dives into the concept of Lines of Business (LoB) and their corresponding value drivers.

Key takeaways:

  • LoB represent distinct areas of focus within an organization, each with its own set of value drivers that significantly influence process effectiveness and efficiency.
  • By analyzing these value drivers, you can identify improvement opportunities for your processes to run more efficiently. In addition to filtering capabilities, assisting you to further narrow down and understand the root causes, the system provides correction and innovation recommendations tailored to address specific performance indicators within each LoB.
  • Through this comprehensive approach, businesses can transform their processes and drive efficiency, ultimately achieving their strategic objectives.

In the next blog of our eight-part blog journey, we will explore Value Analysis.

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