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Backdrop: You are running an Enterprise Portal (EP) setup involving the utilization of KM and the Document iView. This KM Documents iView displays the content of a document. This can be an HTML file or any other document that can be displayed. By default, this iView is not integrated in a workset. As per your business requirements you have recently upgraded the Enterprise Portal (EP) which subsequently involved switching from the Classic Framework Page (CFP) to the Ajax Framework Page (AFP).

Issue Arises

Following the change in utilization to the AJAX framework you notice that the URL call to the KM Document iView in a Knowledge Management (KM) setup is no longer working as required, instead it returns a HTTP 500 error.

Testing the Behavior

  1. Login to the portal from desktop.
  2. http://<host>:<port>/portal
  3. In the portal, navigate to Content Administration -> Collaboration Content.
  4. Select the Collaboration tab followed by the room directory of interest.
  5. Upon left clicking the KM Documents iView e.g. "Project Document Viewer" you encounter the HTTP 500 "the website cannot display the page" error.

Versions Affected

  • EP Release Independent
  • SAP NetWeaver
  • SAP Composition Environment

Analysis (High Level)

  1. Record the complete scenario using Httpwatch (free basic version available online)
  2. Locate the call to the relevant URL (.e.g. Project Document Viewer as per the image above).
  3. The URL that is being accessed will return a nested cause exception e.g. HTTP 500.
  4. In many cases the error message in the result of that request is:
    •      <(><<)>p>The requested URL /AFPServlet/NavigationServlet was not found on this server.<(><<)>/p>

Why did this occur?

Discrepancy in parameter settings within the KM Documents iView e.g. Project Document Viewer "ReDirect Url" through the omission of the /AFPServlet/NavigationServlet property.

Resolving the Issue

  1. Login to the portal from desktop.
  2. http://<host>:<port>/portal
  3. Navigate to -> Content Administration -> Portal Display -> Framework Page Configuration.
  4. Manually select the Ajax Framework Page (AFP).
  5. Copy the invisible page pcd location with the portal URL whuke concatenating the following String "?NavigationTarget=<pcd location>".
  6. Open http watch to check in the trace for the line http://host:port/AFPServlet/NavigationServlet?
  7. Check in the query string for the value of targetNodeId, then subsequently add the "/AFPServlet/NavigationServlet" to the reverse proxy configuration of your server.