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The fiori cachebuster tokens are transported within the FioriLaunchpad.html as
part of the ServerSideConfig.

(Note that this mechanism is distinct in 1.32, here the fine-grained ( = per library, per application) cache-buster tokens are transported as part of the
TargetMappingsRequest (1.30-1.34) or start_up request (1.36+)


The data structure returned contains generic tokens (ui2CacheBusterToken, ui5CacheBusterToken) and a map of
url prefixes to cachebuster tokens for known and indexed applications.



If a path prefix of a resource matches a provided path prefix, the corresponding specific cachebuster token will be used.

If it does not match, a generic cachebuster token will be used. ( typically the cacheBusting.cacheBusterToken ).

For indexed applications, one must schedule report /UI2/APP_INDEX_CALCULATE

The generic token listens to a general timestamp of the BSP.


Only applications and libraries with a proper manifest will participate in the fine-granular token mechanism.

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