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This article helps you to integrate ITSM system with CPI to create Service catalogue Request.

We can create Service catalogue with different approaches like designing custom Odata API in ITSM system and use that API in Integration suite and write processing logic and deploy. But in this approach you have to write logic for each and every process like below.

Category -1 Category -2 Category -3
SAP Basis SAP Access User ID Creation
SAP Basis SAP Access User ID Deletion
SAP Basis SAP Access User ID Authorzation Modify
SAP Basis SAP Access User ID Lock
SAP Basis SAP Access User ID Reset Password
SAP Basis SAP Access Others
IT Hardware Request New Monitor
IT Hardware Printer not working
IT Hardware Keyboard Replace
IT Hardware Mouse Replace
IT Hardware Others
IT Software Software License Expired
IT Software Antivirus Installation
IT Software Antivirus Update Problem
IT Software Antivirus Port Unblocking
IT Software Others
IT Email Creation
IT Email Deletion
IT Email Suspend
IT Email Reset Password
IT Email Others

1000+ categories were created as per the customer requirement. This is more time consuming and lot of development efforts required.

The another way is, SAP provided standard Fiori applications for service catalogue request creations. Identify any one of those fiori app and search that app in fiori app library and identify the backend Odata service.

Cheers now we are done with backend processing logic without writing single line of code. This option works if you want access standard functionality as it is. In this example I am using API ITSM_SSR_CATALOG_CREATE_SRV. This API having attachment handling as well so I preffered this one.

If you want to add additional functionality, just extend the odata service or copy standard odata service your own service and start modifying it based on your requirement. Now you are done with backend part, let's start CPI part now.

In CPI I had used HTTPS adapter, and used json to xml converter because my payload is coming json and I need to do some validations on attachment part so I am converting to xml and storing attachment contents in content modifier. after this step I did  message mapping step and used request reply with Odata adapter with post operation on detailsset.

HTTPS Sender Adapter

Content modifier to store attachment details

Message Mapping

Odata receiver adapter

In next step I am storing service catalogue request number and GUID number in content modifier exchange property for attachment processing. attachment is sent only after service catalogue successfully created and attachment content is not empty.

Storing SAP generated GUID for attachment processing

In next step using router condition if attachment details not empty and service catalogue request successfully created, processing to send attachment details.

Set Attachment Body

Attachment Message Mapping

Odata Receiver Adapter to Create attachment

Now we are done with all steps. Final integration flow should be looks like below.

Final Integration Flow


As a summary of this blog you will get fare idea to integrate your ITSM system with SAP integration suite and you are able to Create Service Catalogue Request.

Please post suggestions and feed backs for improvements.
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