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SC Amount Changed by the Approver - SC worfklow does not show correct approvers.

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I have a requirement related to the shopping cart change during approval. The workflow is Process-controlled workflow. Below is the issue.

A requester created a SC# with 70 euro and there are 2 approvers for approving in the shopping cart.

The first approver changes the amount to 70000 euro of SC# and approves the shopping cart.

The SC# is sent to the requester, however the approvers does not change in the shopping cart. The approvers remain same although the number of approvers should be 4 for 70000 euro. The approvers are fetched correctly from the BADI, however it does not work correctly.

Once the requestor accept the revised SC# the SC is completely approved and it does not goes to other approvers for approval.

Please advise where i am going wrong. Is this process of amount change during SC approval correct.

Thank You!


Nilanchal Behera

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