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[Ariba]PR Approval Workflow_Conditions that distinguish between direct PRs and PRs created from RFQs


For the approval workflow for Ariba PRs, we would like to further configure the noncatalog to distinguish between 'direct PRs' and 'PRs created from RFQs'.

Right now, I distinguish whether the detail item RfqId is blank (direct PR) or not blank (PR created from RFQ).
Until about a month ago, we were able to distinguish correctly, but since the other day, this condition has not been functioning properly, and PRs created from RFQs are also recognized as having blank RfqId.
So, we would like to know if it is appropriate to use this RfqId condition when originally making such a distinction, or if there is another item that can be used to distinguish them.

Currently, a candidate proposal is to use "OriginatingSystem" as a condition, and if it is blank, identify it as a direct PR, and if it is not blank, identify it as a PR created from the RFQ, but I would also like to know if this is appropriate.

Itsumi Yamada

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