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Result column as link to new window with query resultls - is it possible?

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Hello all,

I'm new to SAP CLM and currently I'm working with some query definition. This query among other returns column with group name and column in which I have listed all people from specific group. This is very confusing because in some groups there is a lot of people and my table with query results is getting bigger and bigger. I wonder if it is possible to make my groups in results as links, and after click that link new window would appear or I would be transferred to another window with list of people of selected group? It is quite important so I will be grateful for your help.

Best Regards,


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Hi Marc,

Yes, this is possible and easy to do. The built-in query functionality can create a 'drill-down' link to a different report, which is what you actually need.

Read through: Help->Documentation->Query Definition: Attribute Substitution-><%REQUEST_PAGE_PATH%>

Sample query: FCI-AgreementLineItemSpend