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Resolved! Grants Management without SD module

Hi:At client there is no SD module , FI-AR will be used to to book any kind to receivables. There is a an issue, client treats Grants received as liability in his book of accounts. I want to know that in this case should i still create Business partn...

Update Settings in GM

Hi :In global customizing of GM there is an area Main Update settings. There we have to give in COA ranges , thereby specifying the GM value types and the derive rules. Now there are 6 GM value types , of them 54,55,61 and 99 are clear to me but 57 a...

Budgeting issue in MM

Hi:At client side material procurement is being done two basis .1..Store purchases inventory for overall Company and it is not subject to budget check. Budget check will happen at the time goods are issued to departments.2..But when the same material...

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