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FMSB company code assignment

Hello,Last month we created a new company code (E800) using an existing oneas reference with component EA-PS (Funds Management).For the new company code we have defined the corresponding funds center(also E800) and made the company code assignment us...

Resolved! BCS Year-end Procedures

Hi All. What is the the sequence of events when performing open commitments carry forward with BCS? With former budgeting it is very clear but for BCS I can't quite see exactly which programs (Transaction codes) to use and in what sequence to carry f...

Resolved! Budget Transfer process!

Brother!we configured the funds management ( BCS) but the facing the problem following!we created the fund center, having no budget. but when I use the budget transfer process, the system does not check the sender weather the transfer amount is avail...

Batch Input FMBB

Hi AllDoes anyone know how to make t-code FMBB Budgeting Workbench available for batch input? When we record the transaction, the values for funds centre, commiment item and amount are not populated. Or is there some other way to use batch input for ...

Resolved! Transportatin of FDMERIVE

Hi,I have a about the transport of the derivation rules. Does anybody know how to transport the rules without the values? I do not get it to work propperly. When I select a rule to put it into a transport, there is the question “Do you want to transp...


Hi We are stuck with a strange error when posting a budget document in GM. The system gives an error 'Grantee not active in company code 90/from date)'Grantee management is active in the company code where the grant is being posted (which is GM01)......

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