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Fund Management VS Project System

Hi Experts,We implemented FM in 2000 Year ! & Recently we are going to implement PS module. What is the impacts on FM & Where exactly maintain the budget whether PS side or FM side? Consultant would like to maintain budget in PS only ! If we accept t...

suma_mani by Active Contributor
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Resolved! Value adjustment documents

Hi,Can someone explain how value adjustment (FMVA01) documents work? What parts in config have to be in place to use this functionality.If you already have existing funds reservation documents and commitment docs, how will activating Val. adjustment ...

Resolved! AVC message

Hi,We do not have AVC activated in GM; we do have it activated in FM. However the tolerance profile is set to display warnings only at 90% (i.e. no hard stops). Under this scenario, when I post a non-po to a grant (FB60) the system gives me a warning...

Resolved! Commitment item group

Hi,Here is the situation: Our commitment item group has commitment items in a random fashion (they do not follow a range). so when a new CI is created, the user has to manually enter them to the respective group. How can this be changed? i.e. how can...

Resolved! FMBBC Transaction code

Hi Experts,My clinet having more than 200 fund centres and 100 committments items and recently we have implemented BCS. Is it possible create any LSMW or BDC to upload the Budget values for FMBBCBest RgdsSuma

suma_mani by Active Contributor
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Control posting on a Fund

Hi,Our business wants to stop using the freeze flag on the Fund master. Instead they want to restrict (allow or reject) postings based on whether the posting date falls in between the start and end date of the fund duration.Is this something that can...

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